Today's Update: Monday, June 8

June 8, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

We’ve talked a great deal about how COVID-19 disrupted spring semester for our students, and it continues to have an impact on them now with summer here. Even many students who aren’t taking classes this term are finding their lives far different than they expected. 

Many of the jobs and internships our students were counting on have vanished, and those experiences lost. It’s disappointing, but Student Life departments including Buckeye Leadership Fellows and Buckeye Careers are stepping up to offer support. 

BLF is selecting Summer Associates for the 2020 Summer Experience Series (SES), open to all interested students. It is designed for those who have lost a summer internship, research opportunity or global experience and are now looking to maintain or enhance their leadership and professional skills.   

Those skills are a crucial learning outcome for those lost summer experiences, and I’m proud of BLF for offering such a robust substitute. Summer Associates will be involved in project management, consultation and pitch development for corporate and non-profit organizations, as well as writing, leadership analysis, connections and mentorship. 

Another aspect of our support students for who lost summer internships etc. is from Student Life’s Buckeye Careers. Internship Director Jennifer Chilman has put together two pages of tips for students, including suggestions such as networking on LinkedIn, attending a virtual career fair or learning a new skill. She even mentions looking into micro-internships that offer five to 40 hours of work over a variety of fields.  

You can read all the tips on the Buckeye Careers website. They were sent to all students yesterday via the undergraduate and grad/prof editions of onCampus.  

I'm proud of the creative ways we are finding to support our students and meet their needs. It’s Scarlet and Great.