Today's Update: Monday, June 29

June 29, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

I have some very good news for everyone who uses the Student Life team members discount from Dining Services. Not only is it back for this fall, but it now works with Grubhub mobile ordering.

As I understand the history, Student Life had a dining plan available to team members for a number of years. Then last year, in an effort to make the process simpler and easier for everyone, you no longer had to sign up for the plan. You just produced your BuckID to show you were eligible and a 25% discount was taken off your bill by the cashier.

The only inconvenience was, for technology reasons, you couldn’t get the discount on Grubhub mobile orders. That wasn’t a particularly big deal at the time, but this year, with mobile ordering being the preferred and highly encouraged method of transaction, it was going to be far more of a problem.

Now, it’s all resolved. Thanks to some hard work by Student Life Dining Services, Student Life Technology Services and the vendor, your discount can be applied when you order through Grubhub.

It’s very easy.  

  • Log into Grubhub app. On the bottom select My Grubhub 

  • On the top, select the Gear on the top right 

  • Select Payment 

  • On the payment screen select the + symbol in top right of screen, select BuckID 

  • Select BuckID from the drop-down list

  • Enter your university username and password

Now you will get the 25% discount.

You do not need to pay with BuckID, but you need to have it so it can recognize you as a Student Life team member.

Of course, you can get your discount if you pay in person, too. Present your BuckID to the cashier. The cashier will swipe your BuckID, and, once eligibility is confirmed, you can pay with your payment method of choice: BuckID, credit/debit card or cash (where accepted). You will see the discount after eligibility is confirmed.

Bon appétit! In a Scarlet and Great way.