Today's Update: Monday, July 6

July 6, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

We are transitioning into a new phase of our phased transition back to campus. We are moving from the group that looked at the big picture of what we need to do to be prepared for fall to a separate set of workgroups responsible for the deep-dive details of particular elements of critical planning. 

The large group was instrumental in setting our course. More than two dozen Student Life team members, plus 18 undergraduate, graduate and professional students representing Undergraduate Student Government, InterProfessional Council and the Council of Graduate Students were involved.  

As I mentioned in previous updates, the committee was organized into six subgroups: facilities, staff support, student programming, student support services, residential and client services. Their work was largely to envision what a return to campus could look like. They spent a great deal of time thinking of all the details that we would have to consider. Since no one had ever faced this kind of challenge before, there was a lot on their plate. A great many discussions began, “What are we going to do about...?” and “What about...”   

The group did a remarkable job laying the foundation for this fall, and I am very grateful for their Scarlet and Great contribution. Now we begin to turn their vision into practical action. The goal of this next phase of work is to move from general guidance development and into implementation planning. The groups are expected to “get into the weeds” of the planning, quickly identify and make recommendations to fill gaps, identify other Student Life or university work groups that will be critical to our success and determine action steps that will lead us from here through fall semester (and maybe beyond). 

Here are the groups and their leaders: 

Student Health and Support Response Team 
Stacey Renker and Gladys Gibbs co-leaders  

  • Responsible for monitoring student health reporting, overseeing email account and responding to positive COVID tests; serves as liaison to contact tracing committee, Columbus Public Health, Ohio Department of Health, Wexner Medical Center etc.; facilitates isolation/quarantine housing operations (housing, dining, advocacy support, medical support, etc.). 

Quarantine/Isolation Housing and Support Team 
Ryan Lovell and Qiana Smith co-leaders  

  • Responsible for developing plan, capacity and readiness of quarantine and isolation spaces; serves as liaison to Student Health and Support Response Team. 

Facility Operations Team 
Jeff Pelletier and Dave DeAngelo co-leaders  

  • Responsible for ensuring consistent application of physical space guidelines in SL facilities (i.e. entry/exit standards, signage use, door monitoring (if necessary), space "sweep" schedules and expectations, ongoing de-densification strategies, furniture, cleanliness of equipment, doors, etc. 

Communications Team 
Dave Isaacs and Skylar Fought co-leaders 

  • Responsible for monitoring, coordinating and implementing SL messaging to parents and students; landlords, includes amplifying university-wide messages (i.e. training, pledge, etc.) and central coordination. 

Support of Vulnerable Populations Team 
Cheryl Lyons and Micky Sharma co-leaders   

  • Responsible for suggesting proactive messaging to identified populations, website content and coordination of planning/processing of requests. 

Move-in Team 
Aubrie Smith leader  

  • Responsible for all elements of move-in including scheduling, logistics, PPE and cleaning considerations, call for volunteers etc.  

Programming Team 
Kate Butler and Blake Marble co-leaders  

  • Responsible for coordinating, implementing programming for move-in timeframe; identifies any special programming needs due to special circumstances of the semester (i.e. first six weeks, etc.). Co-leads will work with existing Community of Practice among others. 

Mass Distribution of Items Team 
Stacey Renker and Aubrie Smith co-leaders  

  • Responsible for coordinating for SL's responsibilities related to iPads, t-shirts, welcome packs, etc.  

Event Centers 
Jeff Pelletier and Karen Narwicz co-leaders   

  • Responsible for coordinating compliance with state and other guidelines, recommending phased approach to return, ensuring consistent application of guidelines across SL properties, etc. 

Telework Planning Team 
Shina Hayden and Anne McDaniel co-leaders  

  • Responsible for maintaining and updating staff on options; communicates weekly reports on the number of staff who are teleworking; defines teleworking opportunities and support moving forward; assess staff desire/concerns about returning to campus. 

I’ve asked each group to give me a short execution/implementation plan by Wednesday, July 22, and I’ll let you know more about what each group is working on as we go forward.  

I’m very pleased and proud of the progress we are making. We are far from finished with our plans. More university-wide guidance is still to come, and more decisions are yet to be made. As Buckeyes do, this will be a team effort. Together, we are Scarlet and Great.