Today's Update: Monday, February 8

February 8, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, 

What’s next? 

We’ve lived with our COVID reality for nearly a year, and whatever happens, things won’t be the same a year from now. We’ve tried a lot of things, changed our approaches dramatically and learned so many lessons. How will that shape what we do in Student Life going forward? So how do you envision the future?  

What practices, initiatives and procedures should we keep? What worked? Why did it work? Did it work only because of the realities of the pandemic, or did we find a more universal truth in our approach? 

What are things we hope never to see again? What did the pandemic force upon us that should be put away, never to return?  

And what were the surprise gifts you gained during this experience? What lessons were learned, what new personal and professional discoveries did you make that you will carry into the future?  

I’d like to hear your thoughts on all this. It encourages us to reflect objectively on the past, and think expansively about how we want to shape the future.  

Go to this link: You’ll find a series of questions that allow you to expound on where we should go, and what we should avoid, in a post-pandemic campus. Your responses are anonymous.  

Then on the afternoon of Monday, March 1, I’m planning to hold an all-Student Life meeting where I can share your feedback and we can talk about the future and what comes next. You’ll get more details later, and of course the day and time are subject to change between now and then. But I have it on my calendar, and hope you will put it on yours, too. 

I really want us, as a team, to plan for a Scarlet and Great next reality.