Today's Update: Monday, February 22

February 22, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, There are no classes tomorrow and Wednesday, the first of two “instructional breaks” this semester. 

These breaks came about after discussions with student leaders about how best to promote wellness, especially since scheduling a Spring Break isn’t feasible this year.  

The idea is to create a true break. No classes are being held, and instructors are being asked to not assign academic work that would require students to complete it on Tuesday and/or Wednesday. 

I also encourage you all to try to take some time for yourself throughout these days – I can share that I’ve cancelled any meetings that aren’t absolutely essential so that people get a little time back in their days. I encourage you to consider doing so, too. 

You also shouldn’t see much student organization activity. We’re encouraging student orgs to consider cancelling or shortening their meetings, repurpose gatherings to focus on connections and belonging, and generally take a break to relax and play. 

In other words, the next two days should be a recess. And that’s exactly what Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service is promoting: RECESS. It’s designed to showcase the benefits of mindful play, a chance to spend time with other students and remind everyone to take a break, play and relax. It’s all about mental health, stigma reduction and wellness. 

CCS has a “Spring Recess Challenge” posted online ( and students who complete the challenges can earn points through Buckeye Nation Rewards.   

The concept is designed and written for students with a focus on belonging and finding an antidote to loneliness, but as I read it, the challenge has some Scarlet and Great ideas for all of us. Afterall, students aren’t the only ones struggling through this age of COVID.   

I encourage you to take a look at the challenges and see what might be meaningful to your own life. We should all engage in a little recess. It’s the Scarlet and Great way to be well.