Today's Update: Monday, August 3

August 3, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, Last Monday I shared an update on the work of the Commitment and Action Planning Team. Thank you for taking the time to read over the recommendations and to those of you who reached out to Kim and Todd with your feedback, suggestions or interest in implementation involvement.   

I’ve heard that many people on our Student Life team are excited to gather and learn from one another, and I know Kim and Todd are eager to have your participation. First things first, though. Before we move to trainings and programming, we will continue to be intentional with our strategy to explore our current diversity, equity and inclusion offerings and identify gaps.  

Last week I share three priority areas identified by the Commitment and Action Planning Team. You can go back and get a refresher:  

After hearing your feedback and meeting with Kim and Todd, following is what we will be rolling out for autumn 2020:  

  • Administer a climate survey to all part-time and full-time Student Life team members to better understand staff experiences of organizational culture through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens and trends from previous administration of climate surveys. 

  • Develop affinity spaces for Student Life staff based on shared identities.  

  • Craft a diversity statement to articulate Student Life values and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.  

  • Develop shared language among staff and students around diversity, equity and inclusion. 

I am very excited about the efforts being made to deepen our understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and racial justice.  The commitments being made by all of you to continue to learn and to engage in these opportunities will truly contribute positively to Student Life. This autumn will be our first steps and we will continue to keep you posted as initiatives from the three priorities areas timelines are established. 

Thank you for being engaged. It’s another example of the Scarlet and Greatness of our team.