Today's Update: Monday, August 17

August 17, 2020

Dear Student Life, The last several days have been a whirlwind.   

Move-In started last week and continued over the weekend, so that has created a flurry of activity on campus. We also ramped-up the student testing program on Friday. Thanks to everyone who helped with both of these major and very important projects. And if you have time to volunteer, I would really appreciate your help (as would our Buckeyes!)  

Move-In is going extremely well. As of yesterday, approximately 3,500 students are now settled in their residence halls and more are coming every hour.  

To ramp up testing efforts as they return, we’ve expanded the surveillance COVID-19 testing program. All residential students must take a COVID-19 test as part of the Move-In process. We’re sending them instructions about testing locations at their university email accounts.  

In a collaboration between Student Health Services and Wexner Medical Center, nearly 3,000 tests were conducted between Friday and Sunday, and, a pop-up thunderstorm with a small accompaniment of lightning notwithstanding, the process has gone very smoothly.  

I am extremely proud of our Scarlet and Great team. I feel like everyone has done a spectacular job over the last several months of remaining flexible and being ready to make changes as the need arises. We’ve had a need for that the past several days, and your response truly shows the strength and resilience of our team. 

One major high point of the past week is the true positive energy that the students are using as they return to campus. I spent the weekend helping out with our amazing Student Health Services team at the COVID-19 swabbing station and also on North Campus for Move-In. It made my heart sing to hear the number of students saying, “Thank you for helping us come back.”  

I want to leave you with a message I received from a parent. It was addressed to me but is clearly meant for everyone on the team. 

“I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the ease and the simplicity of move-in. Clearly the #230th plan you developed in this ebbing summer of uncertainty was well thought out and executed flawlessly. Everyone complains when things don't go their way. Please know that these 'first timer' parents who dropped their daughter at Taylor Tower yesterday were thankful for the ease; mystified at the efficiency; and grateful (our student) was so happy. Great job! I don't know when, but put your feet up!”  

Take an extra moment today to check on another team member. Let them know they’re doing a Scarlet and Great job. And remember, we are in this Together as Buckeyes.