Today's Update: Monday, April 27

April 27, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, I’m sure you all are keeping up with the experts and briefings; the single most important thing that you and I can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to practice social distancing. The more we can keep at least six feet away from other people the better we can keep ourselves and others safe. 

While it’s important to be socially distant, this doesn’t mean we need to stop socializing. Many people struggle with loneliness and for some, this could be further increased by COVID-19 related to social distancing, quarantine and isolation. Feelings of loneliness can increase symptoms of depression and over time, worsen cognitive function. 

It is important that we encourage our students, and really our entire Buckeye family, to stay social. To help spread the message, Student Life launched a campaign to help spread the word to help us all stay social while social distancing. Digital Communications Coordinator Skylar Fought created a plan that includes social media and blog posts, articles on the Ohio State: Wellness and the Ohio State Discover app, newsletter content and more. 
 Some suggestions from the campaign to stay social to put into practice include: 

Set up a Zoom, FaceTime or Google Hangouts call 
You can use Ohio State’s Zoom platform to schedule calls with your friends and family, give others a call on FaceTime or set up Google Hangouts. It’s an easy (and free!) way to stay social while social distancing. 

Schedule a Movie Night 
You can’t head to the theatres, but you can still have a movie night! Netflix has created a new extension for laptops and desktops that allows you to watch movies in real-time with friends and family. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows. Grab your snacks and get ready for movie night! 

Stay Active with Rec Sports 
You can stay social and active while social distancing! Our Rec Sports team has online options available for you. You can attend one of their Group Fitness Live classes, schedule a virtual meeting with a personal trainer or check out their online resources.  

Practice Socially Distant Service 
If you miss serving your community, our Pay It Forward cohort has some ideas for you. You can still participate in virtual volunteer opportunities located in our Columbus community. We might not be able to physically show up for our community, but we can still make a difference! 

Looking for more ideas? Here are some other socially distant solutions: 

Missing the theatres? Turn on a movie, watch a new TV show or find a new creator to watch on YouTube. 
Missing the clubs? Turn on your favorite music and have a dance party. 
Missing the gym? Tune into Rec Sports Group Fitness Live classes. 
Missing restaurants? Find a new recipe or meal to cook and eat at home! 
Missing the libraries? Start a “reading for pleasure” book club or try using audiobooks. 
Missing getting creative? Draw, color, paint or look for new art projects online. You can even show your Buckeye Pride with these Brutus coloring pages
Missing Karaoke Night? Turn on some music and sing away. 
Missing the arts? You can tour art museums, visit the opera and more online
Missing travel and vacations? Daydream, write an itinerary or start a Pinterest board of future travel plans. 
Missing the great outdoors? You can go on virtual tours of some of America’s best National Parks. 
Missing board games? Play the same board games you might share with friends and family online

This social media campaign is another way to help reinforce the message that social distancing is important. But it doesn’t have to keep students from doing the things they love in a new way.