Today's Update: Friday, September 3

September 3, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, Happy High Five Friday and huge cheers for a big Buckeye win last night! 

Last week I highlighted the people who helped as our students moved into residence halls. This week I want to focus on those who pitched in to welcome our students living off campus.  

One of the big projects was creating and distributing welcome bags. Thousands of “Be Kind. Be Well” reusable bags were filled with coupons, vouchers, swag and more, then handed out in the University District.  

High Fives to those involved: Tracy Stuck, Kristin Smith, Daren Lehman, Niki Thomas, Stacey Renker, Willie Young, Jr., Rachel DeMooy, Charity Martin-King, Kerry Hodak, Tom Reeves, Dave Wiseley, Catherine Conlon Blackford, John Cronin, Teri Cugliari, Brad Seaholm, Adrienne Gladish, Paul O’Leary, Leah Halper, Musbah Shaheen, Steph Lingofelter, Krystal Vielman-Diaz, Ali Hinkle, Lynne Deshler, Chloe Lemieux, Krystal Reeb, Daniel Rodriguez, Kristin Oliphant, Christopher Travers, Mary Barnes, Alyssa Maldonado, Kit Lewis, Tom Holman, Jenn Miller, Margaret Bussard, Jen Cottrell, Erica Regan, Megan Daniel, Karen Narwicz, Ryan Lovell, Candyce Williams, D’Arcy Oaks, Tess Smith, Catherine Black, Heidi Glanzman, Blake Marble, Coco Kneisly, Scott Grimsley, Jake Snoble, Katie Schwegman, Ross McClain, Robert Armstrong, Stacey Houser, Beth Snoke, Shelli Shoemaker, John Link, Sharon Black, Patrick Creedon, Aaron Dauer, Tyler Kozar, Maureen Cahill, Rebecca Delo, Lisa Wang, Becky Groody, Lauren Luffy, Molly Richard, Lisa Frey, Tom Roush, Mike Brecht, Kevin Chilcote, Cole Chalfant, Corey Sander, Paul Matlow, Anna Haught, John Koon, Kenji Kuriyama, Amy Wittmann, Alicia Ostermeyer, Connor Galyen, Nicole Havelka, Alex Doming, Ari Grubaugh, Dion Elizondo, Adam Rich, Dilna Cama and Terry Rodeman.  

Another big part of the off-campus welcome was a community building activity that served 1,150 students with welcome bags, safety devices and free food from food trucks.  

High Fives to everyone who helped: Tracy Stuck, Kristin Smith, Niki Thomas, Teri Cugliari, Kathie Serif, Kathy Grant, Daren Lehman, Stacey Renker, Dave DeAngelo, Rachel DeMooy, Blaine Nicodemus, Tim McGranor, Keri Creech, Leon Hines, Sam Holder, Matt Nichols, Jon Pauli, William Damsel, Erin Sweeney, Lior Livshits, Maddie McSteen, Noah Buncher, Adrienne Gladish, Jim Bowling, Alexis Murphy, Dilna Cama, Chloe Lemieux, Gabby Gick, Elise Pickett, Mindy Clagg, Barb Kefalas, Kim Monteaux De Freitas, Danny Glassman, Mariana Weflen, Rebecca Delo, Alex Doming, Paul Wilkins, Steph Lingofelter, Matt Couch, Marvin Robertson, Ellen Moore, Anagha Rao, Mike Malone, Jay Sierra, Mark Hauenstein, Dennis Jeffrey, Brian Fowler, Larry Moore and Alex Jimenez.  

High Fives to everyone who helped roll out the Scarlet carpet for our off-campus residents.  

But wait, there’s more!  

High Fives to Dave DeAngelo, Stacy Smith, Adrienne Gladish and Seneca Crump for helping create a special connection opportunity for a group of students this week. 

Josh Oconer is a Research Assistant in the Center for the Study of Student Life and a recent Ohio State grad. He’s eligible for an additional year to participate in TBDBITL. Josh tried out, and made it. High Five!   

I also want to share two of my favorite videos and give High Fives to Barley the Pug and his human companions, Jen and Jeff Pelletier. Barley has great dance moves whenever anyone says, “Go Buckeyes!” and he is obviously as big a fan of High Fives as I am. High Five back ‘atcha, Barley!