Today's Update: Friday, September 17

September 17, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, Happy High Five Friday! 

I want to give a High Five to everyone who attended either session of Monday’s “All-Team Meeting But We’re Not Calling It That Because It Sounds Too Serious And These Meetings Are Designed To Be Fun!”  

High Fives to everyone who helped out, including: Skylar Fought, Shea Ryan, Lindsey Boyd, Kit Lewis, Stacy Smith, Candyce Williams, Jen Cottrell, Josh Bodnar, Larry Moore, Travis Barnhart, Zia Ahmed, the AAV Gospel Choir, Mark Reynolds and the Ohio State Marching Band Drumline, Jacob Chang, Nick Messenger, Dilna Cama, Stacey Renker, Chase Moore, Christine Thompson and Ryan Wilhelm.  

High Fives to Housing’s Christy Blessing and Mike Koren of Student Life Technology Services for their efforts to redevelop the Q/I dashboard to better enable institutional reporting. Their ongoing work to keep the dashboard up-to-date is greatly appreciated. 

A bonus High Five to Christy Blessing for her willingness to put in extra effort, and for her ability to be nimble and pivot as requirements for Move-In scheduling, the Room Condition Reporting and the room change request process continued to change. 

Buckeye Careers recognizes John Cronin and his team, Willie Young, Jr. and Kristen Hill for working quickly to coordinate and move donated professional clothing for the Career Closet from the George Wells Knight House to the Younkin Success Center. High Fives!  

Finally, I want to repeat something I said during Monday’s meeting: great things are being accomplished because of your resilience, commitment and dedication to our students. I want to acknowledge that, say again just how Scarlet and Grateful I am to each and every one of you.  

You are truly Scarlet and Great!