Today's Update: Friday, September 11

September 11, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, Before I start High Five Friday, I want to pause and reflect on our collective experience as a nation on September 11, 2001. It’s still so painful to remember, and stunning to consider that many of our first-year students weren’t even born when the world was turned upside down on that horrific day. Moments of devastation like that alter people individually, and collectively, and I hope you have a chance to take some time reflecting on that day, and maybe taking a moment to do something in service to another: hold a door, offer a face mask, smile. Today of all days, kindness is in order. 

Our High Five recognitions begin with a special attention to the one-year anniversary of the Buckeye Peer Access Line (PAL).  

It was one year ago this week that the Student Life Student Wellness Center launched this mental health resource for our students. This was not a small undertaking.  Two students, Emily Kearney and Carmen Greiner, came forward with the idea of a warm line and collaborated with Student Life leadership in order to kick start the initiative.  As a result, the Suicide and Mental Health Task Force adopted the warm line as a top priority for implementation on our campus.   

Now, one year later, High Fives go to the PAL committee of Blake Marble, Dr. Micky Sharma, Dr. Matt Couch, Anne Schira, Emily Kearney, Carmen Greiner, Tori Rehr, Maddy Perry and Brendan Greisberger.  High Fives also go to the PAL staff of Ivory Levert, Ezekiel Peebles and our amazing, selfless and generous PAL volunteers for dedicating time each and every day to supporting the Ohio State community through this important work. High Fives to everyone involved in this very important initiative.  

I saw a couple of notes in Slice this morning that deserve High Fives. AJ Johnson, Anna Wagner and our OSUVotes cohort crew have been recognized again for their efforts at voter information and registration. Once again Ohio State is on Washington Monthly’s list of the Best Colleges for Student Voting Honor Role.  

And High Five to the Student Life Disability Services team for Ohio State being named one of the top universities in the nation for students with disabilities by College Magazine.  

Everyone working in and on Quarantine and Isolation housing gets a High Five for their tireless efforts supporting our students. It is difficult work, and frequently frustrating, but our team is doing an extraordinary job. I want to single out just a few individual people, but the whole team gets a High Five for all they are doing. I will mention Stacey Renker, who is performing miracles daily, and Matt Couch, who is impressing people with his continually upbeat attitude while working in as a runner in Q/I locations under difficult circumstances. Also special High Fives to leaders including Ryan Lovell, Gabi Bockelman, Kate Butler, Reggie Johnson, Charles Anderson and Rob Lyons. 

Have a safe, Scarlet and Gray weekend!