Today's Update: Friday, September 10

September 10, 2021

Dear Student Life Team,  Happy High Five Friday and first home game of the season weekend! 

So many things worthy of celebration are happening in Student Life as we settle into autumn semester. I’m still hearing stories of the Scarlet and Great things members of our team did during Welcome Week that helped get this year off to an extraordinary start. 

It’s always a busy time for BuckID, and a number of team members across our unit pitched in to help the operation. Director Josh Bodnar suggests a High Five to these people, and I agree. High Fives! 

  • Charlie Topel, Alyssa Maldonado and Dorrion Jennings from Housing staffed the BuckID phone lines each day for the duration of Move-In. 
  • Mike Koren and Dan Hausman from Student Life Technology Services assisted with producing IDs. 
  • Sean Boiarski, John Kuilan and Radhakrishna Elevarthi from SLTS assisted with managing the long lines and greeting customers with appointments. 
  • Gabi Bockelman, Stacey Renker, Lisa Morton, Ben Daleiden, Dan Huffman, Preston Tartt, April Adkins, D’Arcy Oaks and Quinn Patton assisted with managing lines and handing out cards to customers. 
  • Special thanks to Christy Blessing and Toni Greenslade-Smith from Housing and Helios Yu and John Link from SLTS for loaning several of their team members to BuckID for a considerable amount of time during the Move-In process – we would not have been able to keep up with the demand during Move-In without considerable assistance and partnership from Housing and SLTS. 

Sorority and Fraternity Life’s Seneca Crump is nominated for a High Five for his hard work during Welcome Week, too. His department noted all the impactful programming he helped put together for students. High Five, Seneca!  

High Fives to Abbey Kunce and Sean McClure from Residence Life for their assistance this summer in the Housing Administration office. Their help was invaluable as they worked with contracts, assignments, enrollment and the return to campus processes. 

Gabe Edwards and Dorrion Jennings get High Fives for their efforts to create training videos for Resident Managers and Office Assistants that provide instructions and resources for mail and package handling. 

One of our directors nominates Jennifer Irwin in Student Advocacy for a High Five, noting that she helped a student resolve a financial issue. The note said, “There are few people that are as good at their job at Ohio State as Jenn Irwin. She is a treasure.” I agree, High Five, Jenn. 

I want to send a special High Five to Shawn Jackson on the Marion campus for hosting me and the rest of the executive team on our visit up there yesterday. The campus is just beautiful and they are doing some extraordinary things, due in large part to Shawn and his team’s hard work. Thanks, Shawn.  

High Five to all of you who will be cheering on Ohio State tomorrow against Oregon. Go Buckeyes!