Today's Update: Friday, October 7, 2022

October 7, 2022

Dear Student Life team,

Happy High Five Friday! 

One of my favorite days from throughout my time at Ohio State (and there are a lot!) was last Saturday for the dedication of the National Pan-Hellenic Council Plaza. I promised you pictures, and we have lots of photographs. You can see many of them in this online gallery: The official Ohio State news site also posted a nice story about Project Excellence:

There are so many people who deserve High Fives for making this a reality. First, High Fives to the planning committee: Kimberly Allen-Davis, Travis Barnhart, Rayonna Booth, Dr. Andre Brown, Jen Cottrell, Haja Dabo, Sabryn Davis-Cannon, Jeremy Gabis, Zoe Grace Hargrove, Hunter Hartwig, Dr. Tanisha L. Jenkins, Charity Martin-King, Evelyn McBride, Kailee Missler, Dr. Kim Monteaux De Freitas, Amanya Paige, Elizabeth Patterson, Jeff Pelletier, Jasmyne Pruitt-Switzer, Seth Rhodes, Tyra Robertson, Christopher Scott, Stacy Smith, Devon Stith, Tracy Stuck, Ashley Thomas, Kellie Uhrig, Amyia Watkins, Ayana Williams, Kv Williams and Larry Williamson. 

Then there were those who stepped up to help out in so many incredible ways. High Fives to Jonathan Bafford, Aliya Beavers, Rebecca Delo, Connor Heekin, Thyrone Henderson, Tommy Horner, Stephanie Lingofelter, Cheryl Lyons, Paul O’Leary, Michael Pirrello, George Schaefer, Joel Sedziol, Aubrie Smith, Sheba Sulser, Jackson Thomas, Julie Wagner, Anna Wagner, Will Cangialosi, Teri Cugliari, William Flaws, Ashly Horton, Eddie Labid, Julie Schnell, Cristina Vega, Matt Couch, Jennifer Miller, Ryan Lovell, Rachel Conners, Rob Jech, Donovan Golich, Lindsey Lazor, Ngoc Nguyen, Jen Pelletier, Tom Reeves, Kristen Davis, Sarah Sipos, Christian Thompson, Courtney McCrary, Kim Pachell, Kevin Reese, Nancy Thompson, Kristin Smith, Yvonne Dulaney, Aisha Echols, Candyce Williams, Beth Ullum, Dave Wiseley, Tiffany Quattlebaum, Dave DeAngelo, Daren Lehman, Angie Wellman, Tonya Dawson, Shea Ryan, John Cronin, Chris Nesler, Dan Hausman, Dave Isaacs, Kailee Missler, Carla Smith Jones, Evelyn McBride, Drew Stark, Katie Enciso, Kathie Serif, Roger Garland, Jacob Chang, Isabel Biasella, James Quinn, Andrew Crow, Bridget Hildreth, Paul Wojdacz, Otis Palmer, Tuyet Pham, Linder Reid and Preston Tartt. 

Joel Sedziol and Jeremy Gabis get High Fives for keeping the construction project moving forward.  

Angie Wellman gets a High Five for managing logistical challenges with grace and ease during the African American Heritage Fest Homecoming Tailgate, which was a supporting event after the dedication. High Five also to Lade Gbolade, who spearheaded the day as coordinator of the volunteers for the tailgate. 

That’s a lot of names, representing a lot of effort (we tried to write down each and every name, but if anyone was missed, please let me know and we will honor you next time!). I am so proud of our team for making the dedication and plaza such a success. High Fives all around! 

High Five to Ari Grubaugh for coordinating and hosting a successful LGBTQ Heritage Month Kick-off.  

High Five to Stewardship Director Sarah Sipos for her work with alumni and friends of Student Life to bring them closer and reaffirm the great things they believe and know about The Ohio State University. I had a wonderful exchange with an alum at the Plaza dedication who went out of his way to tell me how important Sarah’s personal, handwritten note made him feel so special.  

A colleague attended one of the "Carry Naloxone, Save a Life" training sessions led by Brandon Horton from Student Wellness Center, and wrote to tell me what a great job Brandon did. She also wanted me to be sure to let you know that there are more sessions this semester and staff can register online at High Five, Brandon. 

Preston Tartt and Mindy Clagg get High Fives for doing an excellent job in Student Life Safety and Security in recent weeks, helping make the department stronger and more accessible by prioritizing and addressing concerns in a calm and caring manner.   

High Fives to J. Randall Hicks and Tracy Stuck for quick action finding photographs of the late Willie Young Sr. to be incorporated in a regional award named after Willie from the Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers (GLACUHO). The award recognizes a regional staff member in housing and residence life committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. Check out today’s Slice for another upcoming tribute to our beloved Willie.  

Next Thursday and Friday are fall break, and to model good behavior and use the time to rejuvenate and refresh, I will take a break from High Five Friday next week. And of course, I’ll be back in your inbox with our celebration of High Five Friday the following week.  

Have a Scarlet and Great weekend, and I look forward to seeing you at one of our Scarlet and Great Gatherings next Tuesday (10 a.m. in the Ohio Union’s west ballroom and 2 p.m. in the RPAC meeting rooms).  

Go Buckeyes!  


Melissa S. Shivers, PhD

Senior Vice President for Student Life
The Ohio State University