Today's Update: Friday, October 23

October 23, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

It’s a pretty big Friday around here – you know I love High Five Friday, and now I get to officially celebrate a Scarlet and Gray Football Friday with the first game of the season kicking off tomorrow!

I think (hope!) you all know that I am always exceptionally thankful for the Student Life team and the countless contributions you make each and every day. Today, we are going to extend our Scarlet and Gratefulness to acknowledge the support we have received from colleagues across campus, and beyond:

  • Dani Anthony, Katie Varney, Brett Scott (all from Student Academic Success), Ron Salyers, Elliot Underwood and Ben Bettin (all from OCIO) for leveraging existing systems to help schedule thousands of students for COVID-19 testing each week.
  • Trudy Bartley (Government Affairs) for helping us connect with local business owners and city officials as we all work Together As Buckeyes to fight COVID-19. Trudy also gets an A+ for new LED lights on Lane Avenue.
  • Christy Bertolo (Corporate Engagement) gets a special shout-out for her work in bringing the Vault Health partnership to life.
  • Jessica Buskirk (Office of Research) has been able to see the big picture for the transition to the on-campus COVID-19 testing lab and has been a great partner.
  • Diane Dagefoerde (OCIO) for mobilizing OCIO staff to create systems that have become the backbone of our testing and contact tracing efforts.
  • Monica DeMeglio (University Marketing) has been a really helpful and creative partner on our programming efforts in the return to football season.
  • Karen Dertinger (Trademarks and Licensing) reached out to vendors to help with acts of kindness for students in Q and I housing.
  • Scott Dickson (Business Advancement) has been a true operations mastermind, configuring Jesse Owens North into one of the most efficient testing stations I've ever heard of, and Scott and team make it happen each week like a well-oiled machine.
  • Brady Dodson (OCIO) has been the glue that keeps so many of the data systems together to make the university's massive and complex testing process work.
  • Holly Drake (OCIO) has been guiding the university on Ohio State's privacy principles to ensure we are protecting student privacy while supporting their health and wellness.
  • Anne Garcia (Legal Affairs) for her ongoing partnership and being an excellent cabinet colleague.
  • Adam Grubb (Facilities, Operations and Development) was incredibly flexible and creative with existing processes during a chaotic spring and summer.
  • Chris Hoch, Director of the Ohio State Marching Band, has been great to work with on our football programming planning.
  • Nicole Holman and Brianna Deckert (Administration and Planning) have worked hard to share information about safety resources and services for our students.
  • Jay Kasey (Administration and Planning) for his partnership with me in co-leading the Task Force on Community Safety and Well-being.
  • Pat Kindig (Athletics) has done an awesome job of developing some fun, interactive content for students and other Buckeye fans to enjoy virtually during the football games, and he has been a great partner with Student Life in the process.
  • The staff, particularly Lisa, Bobby and Phil, from our off-site isolation facility have been so helpful this semester.
  • Aaron Moore (Administration and Planning) is a member of the Task Force on Community Safety and Well-being and has been so helpful to Jay Kasey and me in getting our meetings rolling.
  • Diana Sabau and Jerry Emig (Athletics) in less than an hour secured athletic coaches on Zoom to talk with students waiting for COVID-19 testing at Wilce.
  • Diana also joined her Athletics colleagues, Mike Penner and Ericka Hoon to quickly create an Ohio Stadium experience for first-year students.
  • Anne Schira (Legal Affairs) always brings good advice and a calm, confident presence to all of the many ways we work with her.
  • Gene Smith (Athletics) for his time and dedication to partnering with me in support of our student leaders.
  • Anna Vonderhaar and Rick Van Brimmer (Trademarks and Licensing) have been amazing collaborators letting Student Life use the Buckeye Nation Rewards app for information sharing, marketing and incentivizing students.
  • The entire team from so many parts of the university that created an A+ rated university dashboard that is used daily to guide decision making and provides transparent updates to the university community. 

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work, so special thanks to all our partners from across campus. Watch for more partner high fives in future weeks.

Have a Scarlet and Great weekend, everybody.