Today's Update: Friday, October 2

October 2, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, Today I want to celebrate people who are performing tasks in Student Life that they never expected to be doing. COVID-19 has forced our attention to a whole new range of things that need to be done, and our team has stepped up to meet the challenge. 

So, High Fives to all those who are demonstrating their Scarlet and Great flexibility, including... 

Brad Seaholm, who is delivering, troubleshooting and managing inventory of air purifiers and fans for the residence hall rooms, including meeting the delivery truck full of replacement filters. He typically spends his day crunching data and granting software access to users. Now he has left his desk to take care of students directly, including working at least three shifts per week at Lawrence Tower. 

Chris Dutton, our Building Automation Systems tech, has begun answering phones and talking with parents and students, and not about the temperature of their room, which he could solve and fix in minutes.  He is now helping students understand how and where to isolate if they test positive, and how/where to quarantine if they were deemed to have come in close contact with someone who has the virus.  

Some people are doing different tasks in their own areas. In Student Life Disability Services, Exam Scheduling Coordinator Ruby Stewart has shifted her role to focus on triaging of COVID-related accommodation requests for SLDS Columbus. Ruby reviews each application individually, more than 750 of them so far, to determine the best path for supporting each student’s needs. 

A number of people aren’t stopping at just one role. In Housing, the team is working in Quarantine and Isolation Housing in a variety of ways. Check out these team members embracing “other duties”: 

  • Gabi Bockelman-Q/I Lead; Q/I desk coverage; Q/I runner; Q/I space assigner; Q/I room/bathroom cleaning as needed 

  • Christy Blessing-Q/I desk coverage; Q/I online scheduling and report developer 

  • Thyrone Henderson-Q/I runner; Q/I desk coverage; Q/I trash removal; Q/I linen distribution; Q/I room/bathroom cleaning as needed 

  • Matt Gaul-Q/I student check-in; Q/I contact tracing; Q/I desk coverage 

High Fives to everyone pitching in to help, wherever help is needed, including those of us who are spotted gently reminding students and others to remember to wear their mask.  

Don’t forget that I’m continuing to meet with small groups of team members several times a week via zoom. Next week’s sessions is: 

Wednesday, October 7, 11:30-noon  

You can sign up online: I hope to see and talk with you.  

Stay Scarlet and Great, everyone!