Today's Update: Friday, May 8

May 8, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

I love it when we get to High Five Friday. We spend so much of the time all week dealing with major and often difficult topics, so pausing to congratulate and show appreciation for some of those doing extraordinary things is a welcome relief. I look forward to this every week.  

My first High Five is to everyone who participated in Giving Tuesday. As you read in my special note earlier this week, the day included a special emphasis on supporting students in financial crisis. 412 donors, at least two dozen of them on the Student Life team, gave a total of $79,730. Since BuckeyeFunder was launched on March 28, we’ve raised $292,974 from 1,178 donors. A High Five also goes to the Center for the Study of Student Life’s Dr. Erica Phillips Regan for putting together regular updates on the fundraising.   

There are now five universities who have contacted us asking for more information about our Kindness Calls to see if they can do the same thing. High Fives to everyone involved in that project for being national trendsetters. 

Facial coverings are a major topic right now. High Fives to Student Life Risk Management's Stacey Renker for coordinating N95 covering fit testing for the Facility Operations group, and to Abby Hertzfeld of Dining Services for making coverings for her colleagues. Abby even came up with a prototype that might be useful for those working with the deaf or hard of hearing community.  

High Five to Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service’s Dr. Ryan Patel’s for his blog: Emotional Fitness. It regularly covers items of importance to students such as happiness, success and brain health.  You can read it online:

I’ll have more High Fives next week, but I wanted to leave room for another topic. You’ll remember when I held my first virtual staff meeting back in March, I promised to do more of them to keep you updated on all things Student Life and around the university. COVID-19 can’t stop us, so our next get-together will be a week from today, Friday, May 15, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.  

It will again be via Zoom, and I’ll give you the link in my updates next week. Because there will be so many people watching, we won’t be able to take questions “live,” so I encourage you to submit questions in advance to I’ll try to answer as many as I can during our virtual meeting.  

Special note: it’s Mother’s Day this weekend. I know everyone has their own unique support structure in their lives, so it’s a good reminder to do or say something nice to those who have been there for you in myriad ways. 

Have a Scarlet and Great weekend!