Today's Update: Friday, May 7

May 7, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, Happy High Five Friday, and happy Commencement weekend! 

Before we get started with our MANY acknowledgements, I wanted to let you know that now that summer is here, I’m going to step back from sending you updates every day. Instead, I’ll send them occasionally, especially as I see information that is interesting or that I think you should know. And I love High Five Friday way too much to give that up, so you’ll still hear from me every Friday.  

High Fives to all of our students who will receive their diplomas in the ‘Shoe on Sunday and including those who are choosing to watch the ceremony virtually. I’m proud and excited for them, and I know you are, too. 

Special High Fives to our Student Life Team members who are getting advanced degrees. They include: Dr. Julius Mayo, Dr. Russell Morrow, Dr. Julie Sanzone, Dr. Moe Samad and Dr. Shannon Jones. I heard Nancy Thompson will also be getting her master’s degree – if anyone else is getting a degree this weekend, I would love to hear from you and including you in next week’s High Fives! 

High Five this Mother’s Day weekend to all the mothers, grandmothers, mothers-to-be and those of mothering spirit on our team. I know I will miss seeing my mom on Sunday, although she says she’s happy she’ll still get to see me (she’ll be watching the commencement live stream).   

Move-Out was a Scarlet and Great success. I joined in on Saturday, and it was great to see all the happy and appreciative faces. I want to offer High Fives to everyone involved. Hopefully, I haven’t missed anyone. April Adkins, Zia Ahmed, Travis Barnhart, Kirby Bell, Nate Bidwell, Kevin Bledsoe, Christy Blessing, Gabi Bockelman, Josh Bodnar, Michael Bower, Jim Bowling, Maureen Cahill, Will Cangialosi, Mindy Clagg, Rachel Conners, Jen Cottrell, Matt Couch, John Cronin, Andrew Crow, Teri Cugliari, Ben Daleiden, Seth Dannemiller, Michael Daskalakis, Jim Davis, Dave DeAngelo, Rebecca Delo, Rachel DeMooy, Lynne Deshler, Joe Donnelly, Yvonne Dulaney, Aisha Echols, Skylar Fought, Andy Fox, Jeremy Gabis, Danny Glassman, Toni Greenslade-Smith, Andrea Hall, Chris Harrigan, Hunter Hartwig, Kathleen Hatch, Shina Hayden, Thyrone Henderson, J. Randall Hicks, Ali Hinkle, Mackenzie Hogan, Rae Hofmeister, Cameron Hynes, Rob Jech, Beth Johnson, Shannon Jones, Andrew Jordan, Phil Julson, Barb Kefalas, Bridgett Keener, Ellen Kocian, Kathy Krajnak, Daren Lehman, Caleb Lesley, Kit Lewis, Steph Lingofelter, Ryan Lovell, Danny Mahaffey, Blake Marble, Michaela Martin, Anne McDaniel, Chris McGowan, Jenn Miller, Kim Monteaux De Freitas, Jen Nelson, Chris Nesler, D’Arcy Oaks, Paul O’Leary, Nick Pangio, Jess Pearlstein, Jen Pelletier, Niki Prete, Laura Przytulski, Tiffany Quattlebaum, Ben Raines, JR Rathjens, Tom Reeves, Stacey Renker, Jess Riley, Kurt Schooley, Brad Seaholm, Sarah Sexton, Samuel Shallenberger, Shelli Shoemaker, Brandon Smith, Kristin Smith, Qiana Smith, Stacy Smith, Matt Speidel, Katie Sturile, Brian Szczodrowski, Zach Talstein, Preston Tartt, Christine Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Kim Traverse, Kellie Uhrig, Michael Volkman, Johna Walls, Greg Wagner, Hannah Warner, Mariana Weflen, Leah Wheeler, Carly Zeiger and DJ Zolotic. 

And an advance High Five to everyone who is helping out at the Candlelight Ceremony Saturday evening and at the Commencement ceremonies on Sunday.  

A High Five to Shelli Shoemaker for lending her safety expertise to our Facility Operations training, onboarding and metric updates. 

Hannah Warner and Tiffany Quattlebaum get High Fives for their continued efforts to get our Environmental Service and Building and Mechanical Services supplies restocked.  

High Five to Lindsay Heil of Student Health Services, who came upon a student after hours outside their building with a possible broken finger. She summoned a nurse to assess the injury, arranged for care and transportation to Martha Morehouse, staying with the student the whole time he was at Wilce. The student’s mother called Lindsay the next day to express her appreciation. That’s a Scarlet and Great example of going above and beyond to take care of our students. 

Have a Scarlet and Great weekend (and summer break!).