Today's Update: Friday, May 19, 2023

May 19, 2023

Dear Student Life team, 

Happy High Five Friday! 

I’ll start with High Fives to everyone at Student Health Services for helping pack 400 care kits for the unhoused population in the University District while others helped beautify campus, inside and out. High Five to Tracy Stuck for organizing the care kit event, Kae Denino for giving an educational presentation and these team members for the coordinating help: Steve Cihon, John Cronin, Adrienne Gladish, Khalid Khamis, Abigail Longstreth, Kailee Missler, Jess Roberts, Stacy Smith, Drew Stark, Sean Stewart, Candyce Williams and Nora Gerber from the University District.    

Speaking of Student Health Services, High Five to their Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine department, where they have a tradition of taking a “family” pyramid photo each spring and fall. They’ve been taking that photo twice every year since 1993!  

High Five to Chaz Butler of Facilities for ensuring those around him feel welcome and included. He is constantly seen giving High Fives, fist bumps and asking how others are doing. His positivity makes everyone around him feel good! 

A colleague wants to thank J Randall Hicks for going out of his way to save a photo album from the Peach Bowl. High Five, J Randall! 

High Five to Johna Walls and Travis Barnhart for turning around a really quick, beautifully designed document for a colleague this week. Our graphic designers really know how to put our best foot forward. 

Tracy Stuck gets a High Five for responding with flexibility and grace to a last-minute request for assistance during Finals from Student Life Disability Services.  

High Five to Jennifer Chilman for being elected Chair-Elect and to Taylor Koon for being elected as the Recognition and Professional Development Lead for the 2023-2024 University Career Services Committee (UCSC) Executive Board. 

High Five to Justin Courtney for talking about Summer Orientation on the Lima Campus in a live interview on WLIO-TV.  

Tierra Heath, Kristen Hill and Mollie Workman get High Fives for planning the recent Buckeye Careers End of Year Celebration. The theme was “Dip, Dip, Hooray” and everyone brought a favorite dip to share along with some fun outdoor games.  

Have a Scarlet and Great weekend!  


Melissa S. Shivers, PhD

Senior Vice President for Student Life
The Ohio State University