Today's Update: Friday, May 14

May 14, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, I told you I wouldn’t give up High Five Friday.  So many of you are doing Scarlet and Great things, and I want to be sure the whole team knows.

First up, High Five to everyone who helped with Commencement last week. It was a cold, wet, challenging day, but also very special to so many of our graduates and their families, and I really appreciate those who helped make it special: Daren Lehman, Anne McDaniel, Christine Thompson, Beth Johnson, Brandon Smith, Dave DeAngelo, Kathy Krajnak, Jenn Miller, Connor Jones, Teri Cugliari, Kathleen Hatch, Jess Riley, Stacey Renker, Kellie Uhrig, Jen Cottrell, Rebecca Delo, Steph Lingofelter, Ryan Lovell, Matt Couch, Michael Bower, Mariana Weflen, Dave Wiseley, Mindy Clagg, Tracy Stuck, Tiffany Quattlebaum, Matthew Altendorf, Jen Pelletier, Jeff Pelletier, Tanisha Jenkins, Skylar Fought, Dave Isaacs, Danny Glassman, T. J. Logan, Kerry Hodak, Travis Barnhart, Shawnte' Elbert, Dilna Cama, Chris Addison, Tom Reeves, Maureen Cahill, Andrew Crow, James Robinson, Kurt Schooley, Emily Ott and Chase Moore, plus anyone else I might have missed.

High Five to Belonging and Inclusion and the Commitment and Action Planning Team for organizing a session with Dr. Stephen Quaye on May 25 about “What Is Racial Battle Fatigue and What Can We Do to Combat It?” I encourage you to attend and you can register online:

High Five to Jenn Chilman of Buckeye Careers for being recognized as a 2020 Military and Veteran Champion from the Office of Military Veteran Services. They praised her for going above and beyond to support our Buckeye Military Family including mentorship, working with the Community Veteran Advocate program, connecting students with employers and more.

High Five to Peggy Butauski of Student Health Services for being featured in the latest USAC Staff Spotlight.

High Five to Marci Shumaker and the Rec Sports team, who are featured in an article from the College of Education and Human Ecology, “Alumna guides Ohio State back to physical activity” about efforts to encourage a Life in Motion despite the pandemic.

High Fives to Tuyet Pham, Carolyn Harris, Nabil Shehata, Paul Wojdacz and Karen Parry for continuing to support Environmental Services in their increased interim roles.

Sean McClure, Rebecca Delo, Bridgett Keener, Beth Johnson, Sara Keefe, Beth Ullum, Angela Britton, Kim Traverse, Yvonne Dulaney, Domonique Dunn and Tyler Young get High Fives for their Scarlet and Great work on the placement call team. They’ve been contacting on-campus housing residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 or students who came into close contact with someone who tested positive and initiating the moving process from the student’s residence hall to one of the quarantine/isolation housing facilities.

I hope summer break has already started to give everyone a chance to rejuvenate. Have a Scarlet and Great weekend!