Today's Update: Friday, March 3, 2023

March 3, 2023

Dear Student Life team, 

Happy High Five Friday! 

I’ll start with High Fives to everyone who attended or watched on video our Scarlet and Great Gathering this week. High Fives as well to those who helped put it on, including Anne McDaniel (who did a great job standing in for me for a few minutes at the morning session when I was unavoidably late), Carla Smith Jones, Candyce Williams, Brendan Greisberger, Erica Regan, Beth Ullum, Angie Wellman, Ryan Lovell, Cristina Vega, Eddie Labid, Tiffany Quattlebaum, Aaron Moore, Kristen Rupert Davis, Hunter Hartwig, Micky Sharma, Jen Cottrell, Teri Cugliari, Isabel Biasella, Josh Bodnar, Tanisha Jenkins, Danny Glassmann, Kellie Uhrig, Anna Valerius, Julie Schultz, Maureen Cahill, Ash Zaouia, Sainee Patel, Zia Ahmed, Dan Huffman, Jeremy Gabis, D’Arcy Oaks, Chelsea Black, Shina Drummond, Aliya Beavers, Dave Wiseley, Dave Isaacs, Stacy Smith, Lindsey Boyd, Alex Richardson, Sean Reynolds, Eric Schutter, Shea Ryan, Tracy Stuck, Anna Wagner, Ahmed Hosni, Travis Barnhart, Kelly Smith, Dilna Cama and Sean Stewart. 

High Five to Julie Schultz, whose dissertation “Family is Forever: The Impact of Family Engagement in Higher Education on Black, Latinx and Low-Income Students” won the Distinguished Alumni EdD Dissertation award from the University of Pittsburgh.  

Housing and Residence Education recently hosted the Central Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls Regional Business Conference. You saw in Slice this morning that several people received honors, including James MacGregor, Nick Aichele and Leah Wheeler. High Fives to them, and to those who helped at the conference: TJ Logan, Moetiz Samad, April Adkins, Barb Kefalas, Rebecca Kapusta, Eric Jaburek, Jen Nelson, Christian Thompson, Jacob Arnold, Becca Ross and Matt Wright. High Fives, too, for the conference team of Leah Wheeler, Nick Aichele, Dani Rodriguez Pacheco, James MacGregor, Harrison Thow, Ryelie Barnes, Emily Stoneman, Emily Daum, Bryce Reiter, Amaya Ross, Josh Kerner, Sara Cohen, Alex Vanderhorst and Brianna Bradburn. 

High Five to Tom Reeves for being accepted into Ohio State’s EdD program. I can’t wait to call him Dr. Reeves!  

High Five to the entire Buckeye Careers team for hosting the Graduate and Professional School Fair at the Ohio Union this week. Over 80 graduate and professional programs attended and met with students, so students could explore their options for graduate and professional school at Ohio State and around the country. 

Have a Scarlet and Great weekend!  


Melissa S. Shivers, PhD 
Senior Vice President for Student Life 
The Ohio State University