Today's Update: Friday, March 12

March 12, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, It’s High Five Friday, and I’m Scarlet and Grateful to have come to the end of another productive week.  

I want to start off by giving a High Five to everyone called students this month to encourage them to participate in our COVID-19 testing program and answer their questions about the requirement. It’s a long list, so hopefully I didn’t miss anyone: Kit Lewis, Rob Lyons, Gabi Bockelman, Anne McDaniel, Kelly Smith, Skylar Fought, Stephanie Musser, Stephanie Lingofelter, Jen Cottrell, JR Rathjens, Megan Haddock, Cindy Gillespie, Alice Adams, Andrew Jordan, Nick Gilbert, Seth Rhodes, Luz Salinas, Dan Galvin, Mariana Weflen, Lindsay Marx, Nikole Prete, Ali Hinkle, J Randall Hicks, Jim Bowling, Stacey Renker, Mindy Clagg, Sean McClure, Angela Britton, Beth Ullum, Sara Keefe, Kim Traverse, Karen Reider, Samantha Yarnell, Daykota Hayes, Laura Atkin, Amanda Lancaster, Erica McDonald, Mona Odiakosa, Eliot Dittmer, Caitlin O'Brien, Lauren Putz, Cora Upshaw, Aisha Echols, Sheila Carpenter and Todd Suddeth. 

I know a year ago, few of us expected to be working on projects like this but know that these calls and others we make are truly important in keeping our community safe and healthy. Also, know that I greatly appreciate the effort. High Five! 

Student Advocacy’s Jenn Irwin gets a heartfelt High Five for helping the family of one of our students through an extremely difficult time. The parents wrote a very sweet message of thanks about the kindness and support they experienced from Jenn.  

High Five to Jamrensze Jeannylle De Leon, an Assistant Hall Director, for helping put together the Black Culture Celebration Gallery in Morrill to highlight the many contributions of Black artists.   

Everyone involved in hosting the Big Ten Men’s Swimming Championships at McCorkle gets a High Five. Time constraints and COVID restrictions made it challenging, but the Rec Sports team and others pulled together to make it a highly successful event.  

Residence Life’s Qiana Perrean Smith gets a High Five for being featured in USAC’s new Staff Spotlight highlighting people making a positive impact. You can read it online.  

High Five to DaVonti’ Haynes for coordinating the SEEDs program that I talked about in my update yesterday, including the application process. He’s helping make it a very rewarding and effective program for the students (and for me!). 

Have a Scarlet and Great Weekend!