Today's Update: Friday, June 17, 2022

June 17, 2022

Dear Student Life team;

Happy High Five Friday. 

First a big High Five to everyone for powering through the power outages and over-the-top temperatures throughout this week, especially those who helped respond to facility and student needs. 

In other news, today we announced that Ohio State’s Retirees Association has donated a $100,000 endowment to support our Buckeye Food Alliance pantry. If you happen to know an Ohio State retiree, please send them a note of Scarlet and Gratefulness! 

A couple weeks ago I gave a general High Five to all the new employees who have onboarded recently. Today, I want to recognize them by name.  

We usually give a shout-out during our Scarlet and Great Gatherings, but since we don’t have those sessions in the summer, this is a good place to say welcome to the team, Hannah Worley, Alicia Schaub, Tierra Heath, Arianna Camel, Kristen Rupert Davis, Wesley Lindsey, Chris Antjas, Brandon Millspaugh, Christina Szuch, Bansari Thakkar, Kailee Missler, Alexander Hempel, Emily Murphy, Jawahir Ahmed, Jatana McBride, Derrlye Sloan, Duka Adhikari, Agartha Anokye, Rasheen Bessant, Bhagawati Dahal, Nickolas Gallman, Christerpher McCann, Nita Perrigen, Wanda Robinson, San Tamang, Aicha Traore, Susan Pugh, Michael Cole, Lilly Drosos, Sean Logan, Roberto Reyes-Parson, Patricia White, Cameron Catania, Mark DiCioccio, Humphrey Nikoi, Tyree Watson, Shantrice Bradley, Bridget Case, Susan Hagos, Christy Horne, Kris Watson-Ables, Brent Banks Jr., Tammy Brownlee, Valyncia Caldwell, Victor Colon, Amanda Cooper, James Dunn, Monica Emery, Samuel Harper, Trent Leatherman, NIcholas Powell, Rose Ruffin, Christina Terry, Kayla Wei, John Morris, Brendan Condon, Sidnee Daniels, Tainesha Owens, Andrew Sells, Ayeshia Pompey, Joshua Stone, Adel Hanna, Jordan Alexander, Morgan Hammonds, Darius Adams, Keilah Causey, Alexandria Davis, Morgan Gill, Althea Jones-Johnson, Shana Parker, Jacquez Printup, Michaela Pullen, Christian Thompson, Joseph Butso, Jaylah Graves, Desiree Johnson, Donovan Golich, Lacey Gosnell, Nicholas La Torre, Michael Eisner, Steve Sunseri, Aissatou Barry, Tawonia Morrow, Cortney Brewer and Wes Larkin. High Fives to you all!  

High Five to the Student Health Services and Human Resources teams. They just hosted a recruitment fair to help with filling vacancies. It’s an innovative and focused approach to reach people interested in the health care field. 

Thyrone Henderson gets a High Five for helping launch the SL Facilities Master Planning efforts. He transitioned over to Facility Planning and Design group just six months ago, an amazing pace on a big impact project.   

High Fives to J. Randall Hicks, Jon Plante and Paul Kraemer for their teamwork in helping Student life Disability Services get their staff orientation welcome page videos filmed, captioned and posted at lightning speed. 

Many of our High Fives go to those who have been nominated from other departments. Here are some suggested by the folks in Willie J. Young Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement. High Fives to.... 

  • Joel Sedziol, who is always responsive and accommodating to his colleagues. No matter how small or large a project, if it’s important to his colleagues, it’s clearly important to Joel. 
  • Natalie Hornback for her patience and consistent support to meet our organization’s ever-changing needs. 
  • Kim Pachell, Teri Cugliari, Blake Marble and so many others for their unwavering support and care of their colleagues, especially during recent challenging times – we appreciate all of you! 

Student Conduct is extremely grateful for the support and guidance offered from our Human Resources Business Partner Leah Hall. They say, “Through Roadmap and new hires, Leah’s straightforward advice and wisdom has been a bright beacon!” High Five!  

High Five to Sean Miller in Student Life Technology Services. Student Conduct calls him “a wizard (for helping) iron out some hairy user account/profile issues for new staff.”  

Normally, I close High Five Friday wishing you a Scarlet and Great weekend. I’m doing that this week, too, but I also want to mention some special aspects of this particular weekend. First, Sunday is Father’s Day, so High Five to all the fathers and father-figures.  

We are also celebrating Pride Month and Juneteenth. In addition to the message sent by President Johnson this week, Dr.Tanisha Jenkins’ latest BIT by BIT newsletter includes information about both celebrations and events. If you missed it, I encourage you to check it out. High Five, Dr. T, and High Fives to everyone joining in the celebrations.  

Have a Scarlet and Great weekend!  


Melissa S. Shivers, PhD 

Senior Vice President for Student Life 
The Ohio State University