Today's Update: Friday, June 12

June 12, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

It’s High Five Friday! This is my favorite day of the week, not because it’s the end of the week (although I admit that helps), but because it’s an opportunity to thank everyone who is doing such great work.  

I want to start by High Fiving everyone who is helping plan and prepare for the transition back to campus. It is taking an army of people to work through all the details, with a lot of late nights and early mornings, and everyone involved deserves appreciation. 

A High Five goes to the team at Student Life University Housing for handling the logistics, calls and emails about living on campus this fall.  

Drs. Todd Suddeth, Matt Couch and Micky Sharma and their teams at the Multicultural Center MCC, Student Activities and Counseling and Consultation Service get a High Five for holding a reflection session for staff on racism in society. Especially since we are scattered apart, it was a much needed opportunity to speak and process together.  

High Fives as well to the people, including Charity Martin-King of Student Life Social Change, who are supporting our students through the events of the last few week.  

The Financial Management team gets a High Five for all the number crunching that’s been necessary recently.  

D'Arcy Oaks and Laura Darling get a High Five for enthusiastically assisting departments put together their self-study reports.  

Student Life Technology Services’ Sean Boiarski gets a High Five for receiving the University Career Services Committee Annual Career Services Award. I read about it in Slice this morning.  

Happy High Five Friday, and have a Scarlet and Great Weekend.