Today's Update: Friday, July 24

July 24, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, It’s High Five Friday, and I hope you have had an excellent week. I continue to be impressed every day, if not every hour, with the Scarlet and Greatness of the Student Life team. I truly appreciate all you do.  

This week’s High Fives begin with those who helped distribute air purifiers to over 6,400 residential rooms here on campus and at the regionals. Volunteers from Facilities, Rec Sports, Dining, Housing, Marketing and Communications assisted to help make this huge undertaking run smoothly.    

Before I name names, this project is the epitome of how we operate in Student Life. We have a need, and people from the whole team, regardless of their job description, pitch in to make it a success. When I talk about being Scarlet and Great, this is a big part of what I mean.  

Brad Seaholm led the charge with the upfront planning, with logistic support from Stacey Renker and Aubrie Smith.  John Cronin made sure the units got from the warehouse to the residence halls. Ted Bannister and Steve Williams from Dining Services have been helping in the warehouse this summer. Annie Delawder relentlessly pursued getting the units purchased and delivered, and Seth Dannemiller was key in helping access the buildings and rooms. And Ellen Kocian kept the whole project on task.  

I want to list all the names I’ve gotten of those that helped out with the air purifier distribution. It’s long, and shows just how good this team can be with pitching in when needed.  

High Fives to: Matt Gaul, Kasey Resendes, Katie Duffy, Rob Lyons, Gabrielle Bockelman, Travis Barnhart, Kellie Uhrig, Shane Barney, Joey Syphrit, Andrea Hall, Shea Ryan, Phil Julson, Mike Hamer, Matt D’Autiel, Matt Hartman, Spenser Herkleman, Matt Ventura, Rahul Ponappa, Roger Garland, Kelsey Castro , Damin Cappel , Mike Steinhilber , Phil Smith, Ian Parker, Mike Wilson , Will Brown, Chad Cromwell, Faith Vranken, Natalie Hull, Diana Gryniuk, Jason Freewalt, Tim McGranor, Oliver Reyes, Matt Resar, Susanne Clyborn, Tim Carter, Ryan Moeller, Josh Cyrus and Jeris Anderson. Plus, anyone else I may have missed.  

Of course, there are others who deserve High Fives this week.  

Some earned their High Five through Orientation. Yvonne Dulaney, Beth Ullum and Megan Haddock have been behind the scenes on every Life Outside the Classroom orientation session this summer answering quite a range of questions for students.   

And speaking of Orientation, the team of Brooke Olson, Anna Wagner, Dustin Beech, Krystal Vielman, Quanta Taylor and Connor Jones has been sharing great information with incoming students all summer about getting involved. 

And High Fives to everyone who sent me #MaskUp photos this week. I’ll share some in upcoming messages and on social media.  

Have a Scarlet and Great weekend!