Today's Update: Friday, January 29

January 29, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, Just yesterday I mentioned how important gratitude is, so I’m eager to put it to use for this week’s High Five Friday!

Once again, High Five to everyone to helped get students moved in and all of our operations up and running for the start of in-person classes this week – can you believe we’re already through the third week of the semester?

Hats off to Mollie Workman, Carly Zeiger, Nadia Barksdale and Jenn Chilman from Buckeye Careers for planning and hosting virtual networking events for our student veteran community. We just learned that one from last semester resulted in a full-time job for one of our student attendees.

High Five to Lynn Deshler for helping me connect with a phenomenal group of parents to discuss ways we are keeping students engaged during the pandemic.

A big note of appreciation to Rob Jech, Rachel Conners, Skylar Fought, J. Randall Hicks and Kurt Foriska for helping me send thank you videos to our Student Life friends and supporters from 2020.

High Fives to Maddison, Makayla, Kaleb, Kaitlyn and Alanna, all Dining Services student employees who hosted me when I visited a variety of dining spots in the North Residential District this week. Thanks also to everyone I had the chance to meet in the operations, and to Zia Ahmed and Tracy Stuck for helping coordinate my visit.

And speaking of Dining Services, High Five to the Espress-OH team who made one of my mornings Scarlet and Great with a special message on the cup of coffee that I ordered. You made my smile last all day!

Special thanks to Seth Rhodes who has helped us make sure Today’s Update has been getting out this week (and ongoing thanks to Dave Isaacs for dutifully playing the role the rest of the time).

I also want to send a special High Five this week to my super-duper executive assistant, Stacy Smith. She keeps me moving and grooving all day (and many nights!) and I appreciate her support and partnership so much.

As always, I am so Scarlet and Grateful for you all – have a safe, happy and healthy weekend.