Today's Update: Friday, February 19

February 19, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, Happy High Five Friday!  

As we continue realization of the future vision that emphasizes our six core focus areas (Student Engagement and Support, Health and Well-being, Residential Experience, Academic Partnership and Career Success, Belonging and Inclusion, and Administrative Excellence), I want to send High Fives to everyone who is supporting and advancing this important work. 

Special appreciation goes to Chase Moore, whose role will be realigned to work with our new AVP of Belonging and Inclusion, Dr. Tanisha L. Jenkins, who is joining us on March 1. Chase will support the Belonging and Inclusion area as a Project Management and Strategic Initiatives Consultant.  

Another note of appreciation goes to Laura Darling, who will serve as a Project Management and Strategic Initiatives Consultant with Dr. Elbert’s team in Health and Well-being. Laura’s role will have a special focus on advancing staff wellness initiatives and key university projects relative to health and well-being including a strategic plan for supporting our SL staff health and wellbeing. 

We get great support for the Scarlet and Great work we are doing in Student Life from other units around the university, and I want to make sure they share in our High Five love.  

Today, I want to give special High Fives to the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) team. They’ve been amazing partners with Student Life and the university as a whole to bring online testing and contact tracing systems that I would bet rival the efforts of many cities. I especially thank Diane Dagefoerde for her leadership and her dedicated team.  

I also High Five John Link and his team in Student Life Technology Services for supporting these efforts, as well as often translating our needs in Student Life into technological language to create solutions that work. 

High Fives to: 

  • Brady Dodson for project managing COVID-19 testing efforts, including getting the AMSL labs up and running. Special kudos for always being an advocate for the needs of students! 

  • Eric Mayberry for creating the award-winning COVID-19 public dashboard along with Leanne Stanley and Henry Zheng in the Office of Research.  

  • Ron Salyers, Ben Bettin, Elliot Underwood, Stephen Barrickman and Erin Howard for configuring Salesforce to support the university’s Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Team, Student Life’s placement calling and support calling efforts to students in Q/I, automating messages for COVID-19 testing and for building a stellar system to handle testing exemptions. 

  • Andrew Romero and Jimmy Anthony for creating extremely useful and complex Tableau dashboards that allow us to track student compliance with COVID-19 testing requirements. 

  • Andrew Warner, Ben Hancock, Jeremy Boeckman, Kishore Donepudi and Carmichael Venci for ensuring that testing and contact tracing data flow into the OSU App, allowing us to send push notifications and reminders to students about testing as well as supporting efforts to change a students’ status to “red” in the health passport when applicable. 

  • Jim Kittle for ensuring that students get appropriately flagged and loaded into MyChart so they can test through the AMSL lab. 

  • Steve Chang, David Chuha, Steven Barnhart and Jason Miller for supporting many of our data and dashboard efforts throughout the year. 

  • Lonnie Morgan, Glenn Donaldson, Eric Mayberry and Bob Mains for providing leadership to the teams above in support of these efforts. 

  • John Votino and Jennifer Spohn for making sure we have data to track student completion of the Together as Buckeyes pledge. 

  • Holly Drake and Jen Elliott for ensuring that the university’s privacy values are always top of mind when conducting this important work. 

Special thanks also goes to the technology team at Wexner Medical Center who has worked behind the scenes to make sure the MyChart system supports our AMSL scheduling and resulting needs. 

High Fives to all who help us support our students. 

Have a Scarlet and Great weekend.