Today's Update: Friday, December 4

December 4, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, It certainly is quiet on campus now that most of the students have left. With winter obviously here, it’s a good day to stop and celebrate the Scarlet and Great things being done by our Student Life team.  

High Fives to Caitlin Blake, Mike Schopieray, Joe McCartney, and Mick Steiner of our regional campuses have done a Scarlet and Great job supporting our students. In addition to their regular duties planning programs, managing conduct, serving on committees etc., they also helped coordinate COVID testing and worked out details on a number of fronts that required special logistics on each campus.  

Mike Schioperay, Heather Dwyer, Pam Wareham and our partners at the Mansfield campus earn High Fives for being responsive and supportive to our students during a prolonged power outage impacting the residential community. 

There was a water main break at Buckeye Village a few weeks ago. Josh Karnap and Mark Hoy of Building and Mechanical Services pitched in to help Student Life Facility Services director Daren Lehman deliver water to the residents, and got an assist from Buckeye Village Community Ambassador Jon Hall. In addition, Jeff Mullins and Eric Merritt with the FOD Mechanical group helped make sure the contractor arrived quickly, getting water service restored in just a few hours with minimal impact on residents. High Fives to all. 

Speaking of Building and Mechanical Services, a number of the members of that team are stepping up to go above and beyond. High Fives to Mario Acuna (who is conducting daily maintenance duties at I/Q housing facilities, Josh Karnap (a double High Five for Josh since he was involved in helping out during the water issues), Matt Wells, Michael Brecht, Sam Raymond, Bryan Cherry, Martin Dentu (working weekends to help with “Touch point” cleaning), Ben Atigoh and Fred Ageykum.  

High Fives to Dominique Dunn, Sean McClure and Mindy Clagg who have been graciously leading the Student Life Placement/Response Team for Quarantine and Isolation Housing, starting early and staying late.  

There are more members of our team who deserve High Fives. Send me a note and I’ll get as many as I can recognized. I want to world to know what a Scarlet and Great team we have in Student Life.