Today's Update: Friday, August 7

August 7, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, Happy High Five Friday.  You’ll see a lot of names below of people deserving of High Fives, and all of them have answered the call for help. The response has been yet another example of what makes the Student Life team Scarlet and Great. 

Move-In officially starts next week, although some of our student residence hall staff started today. Our welcome is different this year because of COVID-19, and we need to make sure students have the extra items they’ll need as part of our safe and healthy transition to campus. That’s where the army of names below stepped up.  

It’s a big undertaking. Air purifiers are being placed in rooms along with instructions on how to use them. There are massive numbers of carts full of the Together as Buckeyes We Care welcome kits, with items like a thermometer and face masks. There are also flyers with important health and safety information. And somehow we have to get all those things into thousands of rooms across campus.  

That’s where everyone who is on today’s High Five list comes in. For the past several days, all these people have been going room to room, placing items and making sure we are ready for Move-In. It’s a huge lift, but when there was a need, they (and perhaps others that I may have missed) stepped up to give our students a Scarlet and Great start to the semester. I am truly humbled by and grateful for the magnitude of their response.   

Of course, we’re not done yet. We still need to provide that same Scarlet and Great welcome during Move-In starting next week. More volunteers are needed, and you can sign up online: And Residence Life could use some help at hall desks, as well.  

Now, without further ado, High Fives to the people who have been volunteering:  

Aaron Malcolm, Aisha Echols, Allan Leary, Andy Fox, Angie Wellman, Anne McDaniel, Barb Kefalas, Ben Daleiden, Beththena Johnson, Brandi Coover, Brandon Smith, Brooke Ranalli, Caleb Lesley, Christopher McGowan, D'Arcy Oaks, Tracy Stuck, Emily Ott, Erica Regan, Greg Wagner, Hannah Warner, Jenn Miller, Joe McCartney, Karen Narwicz, Kaylee Patton, Kevin Wade, Kim Traverse, Caroline El-Khoury, Kit Lewis, Kristen Hill, Leah Wheeler, Mariana Weflen, Marusela Anders, Matt Resar, Melissa Holt, Michael Volkman, Mindy Clagg, Nick Arabian, Nikole Prete, Quanta Taylor, Rachel Conners, Rebecca Delo, Rosa Gaerlan, Ruth Miller, Ryan Garcia, Sabra Hickey, Sean McClure, Steph Lingofelter, Susanne Clyburn, Teri Cugliari, Tiffany Quattlebaum, Tim Carter, Todd M Suddeth, Tonya Dawson, Victoria Figliomeni, Xavier De Freitas, Joe Gregor, Nick Dodson, Jason Freewalt, Natalie Hull, Diana Gryniuk, Nicoletta Soulas, Chuck Balue, Chad Crumwell, Zach Rall, Jason Young, Rosa Gaerlan, Kaylee Patton, Zachary Rall, Megan Haddock, Michael Haddock, Sara Lytle, April Adkins, Reatha McCafferty, Karin Murillo-Kirlangitis, Brad Seaholm, Emmanuel Nartey, Jean Sherer, Ryan Brownfield, Brandon Boring, Andrew Crow, Domonique Dunn, Lisa Morton, Nick Pangio, Ali Talcott, Chris Addison, Kristin Smith, Ellen Kocian, Preston Tartt, Paul O’Leary, Lujuana Carson, Stacey Renker and Aubrie Smith. And anyone else I missed. 

There have been more High Five nominees than I could include today, but I’ll get to them soon. It’s inspirational to work with a team that is so willing to step up and step in when needed. You are truly Scarlet and Great.