Today's Update: Friday, August 21

August 21, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, I’m grateful that we do virtual High Fives each Friday, rather than actual, in-person ones. If I gave a physical High Five to everyone who deserved it, my hands would be raw. It would be worth it, but painful. 

High Fives today go to all the people who have helped with the various special projects we have underway. Whether it was distributing welcome kits, helping students and their families arrive for Move-In, working the desk at Lawrence Tower, crowd control and testing for arriving students and staffing the new Student Life information line, many, many people have gone above and beyond to earn a High Five and my sincere gratitude. You, too, can earn one of these High Fives by signing up for any of these projects in the days ahead. We could still use your help.  

I am also giving High Fives to the Student Health Services team, Housing staff, Maintenance, Housekeeping, the Ohio Union staff, Rec Sports team – just everyone who has welcomed our students back to campus! 

Matt Couch, Tracy Stuck, Willie Young, Kristin Smith, Blake Marble, Anne McDaniel, Niki Prete, Dilna Cama, Molly Hegarty, Jen Pelletier, Kim Monteaux De Freitas, Angie Wellman, Stacey Renker, Kelly Smith, Skylar Fought, Michaela Martin and all the amazing folks who worked to pull together the off-campus initiatives so quickly get High Fives.  

High Fives to Shina Hayden, Jonathan Adams, Nancy Thompson, Mollie Workman and Laura Darling for tag-teaming the challenge of mass-hiring students to help with testing in just three days. 

Dave DeAngelo, Pete Miller and Kurt Schooley get High Fives for getting Jesse Owens North reconfigured and prepared to be the COVID testing center. And special thanks to the entire Student Health Services team for the Herculean effort they’ve put in over the past week. 

Everyone who is a member of the Student Life and Friends Peloton deserves a High Five. And if you’re not on the team, a High Five to those who are supporting them with a donation. Special thanks to Kathleen Hatch for being the team leader. 

Skylar Fought in Strategic Communications gets a High Five for developing and organizing our new Student Life information line for students and their parents to call with questions. It began operations today.  

And of course the Residence Life and Dining teams have managed a spectacular move-in process. 

The entire Housing Administration team gets a High Five for managing the housing portal. The team includes Gabi Bockelman, Thyrone Henderson, Matthew Gaul, Rebecca Kapusta, Dorrion Jennings, Charlie Topel and Alyssa Maldonado with special recognition for Christy Blessing for her leadership (especially for her quick work on the testing scheduling system). 

High Fives for Jennifer Chilman and Seth Rhodes for creating the first Buckeye Careers employer newsletter.  

Thank you all for being part of the best team anywhere. You are truly Scarlet and Great.