Today's Update: Friday, August 11, 2023

August 11, 2023

Dear Student Life team, 

Happy High Five Friday. 

The folks at Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement nominate Leah Hall for a High Five, “for jumping in to help us with a time sensitive ask this week, and for always being so responsive and supportive of our team!” 

High Five to everyone who has signed up to help with all the Student Life events taking place over the next few weeks. Your support is truly appreciated, and critical to our success starting the new academic year. One note—we especially need help with Move-In for Wednesday of next week. Some people who used Chrome to sign up couldn’t see all the available shifts, so please try again using another browser.   

High Fives to Student Life Disability Services team members Heidi Hartley, Madalyn Lyons, Michelle Salomone, Lauren Rose Strand, Jamonae Scarborough, Nathalie Weissman, Caity McCandless and Kelly Bonice for their hard work and dedication in taking on the transition of increased housing-related accommodation requests this summer. Disability Services also asked me to make sure their Housing and Residence Education partners know their collaboration on this is appreciated. High Five!  

We were honored to have U.S. Secretary for Housing and Urban Development (and Ohio State alumna) Marcia Fudge on campus recently to speak at summer commencement. She stopped by the NPHC Plaza, and High Fives to everyone who helped make it sparkle for her visit, including Jeremy Gabis, Jeff Barr, Mike Koeritzer, Zack Farley, Tyler Abraham, Jim Glaze, Tony Bernard, Dave Daiber and Juston West. 

High Five to Beth Ullum and Lynne Deshler for coordinating two wonderful Summer Welcome events in New Jersey hosted by two Buckeye alum families. What a great way to officially meet and welcome new Buckeyes! 

Finally, although this was a nomination from a team member, I suspect it would be echoed by nearly everyone who works in or near, or just visits, the Ohio Union. High Five to the team at EspressOh for ensuring that the Student Life staff and Union guests always receive their caffeine fixes with a smile! 

Have a Scarlet and great weekend!  


Melissa S. Shivers, PhD

Senior Vice President for Student Life
The Ohio State University