Today's Update: Friday, April 7, 2023

April 7, 2023

Dear Student Life team,

Happy High Five Friday.  

I’ll start with a High Five to our Graduate Assistants in Student Life. I did an Update a few days ago on Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week and want to reinforce my gratitude for their service with an “official” High Five.  

Housing and Residence Education’s Student Involvement and Leadership Committee hosted their annual Residential Leadership Awards event this week. High Fives to the committee for making it a success: Alex Davis, Ben Helms, Dani Rodriguez Pacheco, Becca Ross, Bailey Haller, Adam Specht, Danielle Brown and committee chair Morgan Gill. High Fives as well to the set-up and clean-up crew: Julie Sanzone, Moetiz Samad, Alex Smith, Eric Jaburek, Shana Parker, Hauwa Imran, Frida Gillespie, Ayeshia Pompey, Christian Thompson, Jacob Arnold and Chris Cole. A special High Five to Rebecca Kapusta for her fabulous keynote, delivered on her birthday!  

Speaking of Housing and Residence Education, High Five to Barb Kefalas, along with our Marketing and Planning and Design Teams, for getting a housing timeline installed in Curl Viewpoint.  

High Five to Christy Blessing, Gabi Bockelman, Jason Holbrook, Madeleine Voisin and Elijah Balogh for their innovation in creating and embracing change during a busy time of the year, and High Five to the entire Housing and Residence Education team for successfully navigating several challenging situations and supporting one another.  

All of Financial Management gets a High Five for their role in completing the Fiscal Year ‘23 spring forecast and the FY24 budget. This annual process is tedious, rigorous and requires strong communication throughout all levels of Student Life. High Fives to our Business Managers and their teams: Brittany Crall, Ben Daleiden, Molly Hall, Adam Keller, Kyle Muchmore, Eric Stucke, Angela Britton, Wesley Lindsey, Elizabeth Rowles, Ian Trautman, April Adkins, Hannah Warner, Jennifer Finch, Lisa Selfinger and Nikki Skunza; our Financial Analysts who are crucial to entry and analysis; Andy Miller, Leanne Stearns, Alexa Benear and Garrett Boysen; Directors Dan Huffman and Tiffany Quattlebaum; and our Chief Financial Officer Dave Wiseley. Special High Fives to Laura Przytulski and April Adkins for stepping in to help process the deposits, Brandon Boring for the essential process of verifying deposits and Rae Hofmeister for her dedication to life-long learning and for undertaking new challenges with excitement and passion.  

Financial Management suggests a High Five to our Student Life Technology Services team who consistently worked to implement improvements and fix bugs within the Student Life Budget System. Their work is vital to the success of our budgeting process. High Five!  

High Fives to Peggy Butauski, David Gray, Sheila Westendorf and the Student Health Services Laboratory staff for a successful Joint Commission Accreditation visit last week.  

Bryan Stopar, Josh Stone and Pam Bork from Student Health Services Physical Therapy get High Fives for their presentation to Club Sport Presidents and RPAC Competitive Sport staff on services their department offers.   

Finally, a very special High Five to Will Hunt on our facilities staff for the calm and truly compassionate way he helped a man having a medical emergency outside Park-Stradley recently. His caring and willingness to step in are an inspiration to us all.  

Have a Scarlet and Great Weekend.  


Melissa S. Shivers, PhD 

Senior Vice President for Student Life 
The Ohio State University