Today's Update: Friday, April 17

April 17, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

Congratulations! We’ve successfully made it through another week, and that means another edition of “High Five Friday,” celebrating our Student Life Super Heroes.  

I want to start with a post from someone on social media. Under a headline of “The Student Health Center is awesome,” it read, “Seriously, it’s been faster, had more services, and generally been more pleasant to be in than any doctor’s office or urgent care I’ve ever used. And I mean like 5 times faster. They’re even still open during a pandemic. For undergrads who have never had the displeasure of sitting in a boring doctor’s office for 2 hours, I hope you appreciate this thing.”  

I’d also like to acknowledge the entire Student Life team for their flexibility and understanding of the interim organizational reporting changes, especially those who are working hard to get their new supervisors up-to-speed and those helping out by providing leadership for new areas. I know reporting lines have shifted and moved multiple times over the past months, and I regret another instance yet appreciate folks’ continued commitment to our mission and each other!  

Here are others who deserve a high five: 

  • All those who stepped up so quickly to make Student Life Kindness Calls, as we reach out to over 16,000 first year students and graduating seniors to make sure they are doing well. Check with your department director if you are interested in helping out.   
  • High fives on the Kindness Call project as well to Yvonne Dulaney and Kim Traverse for being our pilot callers. Anne McDaniel, Leah Halper, and Brandon Smith for helping with the backend of the project. And to Matthew Altendorf, Alice Adams, Jarrode Davis, Chad Lowe, Zach Talstein, Katherine Sturiale and Kristin Smith for being our Student Life customer service kindness care team to assist getting the feedback questions answered.  
  • The entire Student Wellness Center team for being agile, adapting and continuing to promote student well-being during this unprecedented time. They also get a high-five for recognizing National Collegiate Recovery Day this week by sharing several virtual backgrounds, allowing all of us to celebrate together.  
  • The entire Student Life Disability Services team for shifting in-classroom transcribing, American Sign Language interpreting and access specialist and administrative support to 100% remote services. Also, the accessible media team, with the help of newly cross-trained exam services staff, captioned over 200 videos for faculty in the first two weeks of virtual learning. And a shout out to Braillist/Transcriber, Lisa Vogt, for continuing to work onsite to produce Braille for on-going coursework.  
  • Mollie Workman of Buckeye Careers, who set up virtual “Leveraging Handshake” workshops to help students make the best use of this tool to connect with employers and view a list of upcoming online and virtual career-related events. Mollie also scheduled time and met with our regional campus career services partners and facilitated a discussion on ideas and best practices in supporting students and employers and to let them know that Buckeye Careers is here to support them.  
  • Ryan Wilhelm of Career Counseling and Support Services for doing a number of media interviews on how Ohio State can help graduating students in their job search.   
  • Counseling and Consultation Service’s Harry Warner led the creation of the COVID-19 section of the CCS website with information and coping resources for students as well as faculty and staff. Of particular note are the 12 videos that were created to provide mental health support to students in a technology friendly way. Video Rock Stars include: Harry Warner, LaRae Copley, Josh Bailey, Carli Barnett and Ryan Patel.  
  • Assistant Director Shivani Edwards has done incredible work for CCS as they’ve moved all clinical operations and student support from a standard in-person treatment model to online support in short order.  
  • Several departments have sung the praises of Student Life Technology Services for support during this period, calling the team, “incredibly collaborative” with a “positive impact for staff morale” and operations.   
  • And I heard from a staff member who wants a high five to those among us who have kids at home. “Working remotely is a challenge for most of us, in different ways, but the ones who are also balancing this with being teachers, day care centers and executive chefs deserve our praise. I don’t know how they are balancing it all, but I tip my cap to them!” 

I couldn’t agree more!  

High fives to all of Student Life for the amazing work you have done and are continuing to do. You are...wait for it...Scarlet and Great!