Today's Update: Friday, April 10

April 10, 2020

Dear Student Life Team: 

Last Friday I highlighted some of our Student Life Super Heroes; people who have gone above and beyond to help students and colleagues during this emergency.  

Those stories continue to come in, so I want to end this week relaying some more of them.  

I’ve started something on Twitter I call “High Five Friday,” so I thought it would be fun to carry that over to my Friday updates. There is so much Student Life greatness out there it can’t be contained to one platform!  

 For this update, I want to focus particularly on those people who, by the nature of their work, must remain on campus.  

So....high fives to.... 

  • All staff members who need to be on campus for the comfort and safety of our remaining students, including Environmental Services, Building and Mechanical Services, Residence Life, the Service Desk, BuckID, Student Health Services and Dining.

  • And, proving that we are all in this together, kudos to all staff that are teleworking to provide a safer work environment for those who are on campus.

  • Dining Services, for providing morale-boosting drinks, cookies and meals on campus.

  • Layla Lafferre, who went directly from her 2nd job on the first weekend of COVID-19 to clean and disinfect housing spaces at Newark.

  • Carolyn Harris, Pam Jones, Gene Rochon, Paul Wojdacz, James Quinn and Larence Washington of Environmental Services for giving up their weekends to help make sure our spaces were clean and disinfected.

  • Volunteers from Building and Mechanical services who came in on their own time to disinfect surfaces (Fred Agyekum, Ben Atigoh, Tyler Blake, Bob Bostic, Ralph Cottrill, Evan Creditt, Martin Dentu, Todd Guillozet, Mark Huff, Ricky Johnson, Troy Keller, Lynn Kornegay, Jon Lee, Kirk Lohr, Erlinda Lowery, Joe Marshall, Dan McDade, Jen Miller, Victoria Morris, Emmanuel Nartey, Taylor Patrick, Samuel Raymond, Kasey Resendes, Mike Scheller, Joel Sedziol, Steven Starr, Matthew Stiles, Joe Stuckey, Andy Walliser, Matt Wells, Daniel Yungfleisch) to ensure a safer working environment. This isn’t their regular job; they just stepped up to help out.

  • Jim Filipovich for training selected staff across three shifts on our Protextus Electrostatic Disinfecting sprayers, remaining flexible with a can-do attitude and personally making sure needed spaces were cleaned and disinfected.

  • Willie Young Jr. for being nimble and flexible by making deliveries, helping students move and is now helping test fire alarms, all in addition to his regular job.  

These stories warm my heart on a chilly day. There are far more Student Life heroes, and I promise I will share many of them in upcoming updates. Know that all of you are appreciated, by our students, your colleagues and by me.  

You are Scarlet and Great!