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The Collegiate Recovery Community. Your Student Life for the week of 1/12/20 (Grad/Prof)

  • Ahmed Hosni Ahmed Hosni


One of the best parts of working or studying at Ohio State is the people. They are from every corner of our nation and many countries throughout the world. Each of us decided to come to Columbus and exist in the same space while pursuing our goals, and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, #BuckeyeNation. I especially love MY people in the Student Life Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC), a group of students in recovery from a substance use disorder that come together to support one another as they pursue their educational goals.

My people aren’t much different than the other people on campus, except one very important distinction. They’ve made the decision to abstain from drug and alcohol use in pursuit of the best version of themselves. My job at Ohio State is to support them in their pursuits, because for some, the choice to abstain is more difficult than for others. I know this firsthand, as I am a person in long-term recovery. I also know firsthand how isolating being a student in recovery on campus can be and how finding your people on campus can change your life. It certainly changed mine.

The CRC is supported by an amazing team at the Student Life Student Wellness Center, many amazing colleagues across the Office of Student Life and the rest of campus. Since the program started in spring 2013, we have received unwavering support from Student Life leadership and many wonderful supporters across the state. Over the years, 49 students have come through the CRC and have graduated. Last semester, seven more students joined them as alumni, helping to achieve the Ohio State mission by being leaders and engaged citizens globally.

We also know that addiction and recovery are two of the most misunderstood topics in society. We all undoubtedly have thoughts and opinions on what addiction and recovery mean. We form them through social media, pop culture and many other social influences. Often, our introduction to the topic is so alarming and sensationalized that we project inaccurate negative characteristics onto people living with an addiction and in recovery. We believe that part of our job is to highlight how amazing the recovery process is and exactly why every student at Ohio State who may be living with an addiction deserves the opportunity to #Thrive. In 2015, the CRC staff created and began offering a recovery ally training called Recovery is Spoken Here. An ally is a friend, advocate and/or activist for people in a group that they are not a part of themselves. Many people express that they want to be allies to CRC students, and, since our trainings started, many have stepped up to the plate.  The CRC gives students in recovery a place where they feel like they can thrive, but we need our recovery allies to help us make this a reality for our entire campus. 

Many of our events, like the #ScarletAndGray Tailgates, are open to all students. We enjoy meeting others who may not be #BuckeyesInRecovery but are definitely #BuckeyesForRecovery. If you are an Ohio State student who identifies as being in recovery and you have never been to the CRC, there is no better time than now. We are eager to meet you. For those who are interested in learning how to get involved with the CRC as a member or supporter, email us at When you have a moment, check us out on social media @OhioStateCRC or at


Ahmed Hosni

Program Manager, Collegiate Recovery Community
Student Life Student Wellness Center
















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