Student Life Events and Conferences Department

November 30, 2023

The Ohio State University isn’t just for students. It’s also an excellent venue for conferences, workshops and other gatherings hosted by the Office of Student Life for both campus and community organizations. 

The word is getting out. Ohio State Student Life recently won the 2023 Planner’s Choice Award from Unique Venues in the Professional Meetings and Conferences category. Unique Venues is an organization that highlights convention and meeting locations for industry professionals.  

Matthew D'Oyly was recently brought on board as the first Director of Student Life Events and Conferences at The Ohio State University. With an impressive background, including establishing the Office of Events and Conferences at Otterbein University, Matthew brings a wealth of experience and commitment to hosting new events and conferences that align with the mission and vision of Student Life.  

Matthew and his team coordinate all aspects of each event. He says, ‘“Being under one umbrella allows us to create and execute a spectacular experience.” This one-stop process includes space rental, event planning, catering and special events to give organizers and attendees a memorable and impactful gathering. 

This more concise process makes it easier for those booking events to navigate the various university departments needed for a successful experience as well as opening up opportunities for clients to seamlessly book multiple spaces.  

The approach will not only benefit event planners but will also help students at the university. Matthew says, "By creating a new revenue stream, we will be able to enhance the overall student experience on campus and provide students with more opportunities to engage, learn and thrive at Ohio State."  

You can find more information online at

Matthew D'Oyly can be reached at 614-292-4662 or via email at  






Jordy Puterman 
Office of Student life