Emotions, Relationships and COVID-19. Your Student Life for the week of 3/7/21

March 7, 2021

As of our lives have been uprooted and sent online, and we all are coping with this craziness in our own ways. It is often easy to overlook mental health, and I think many young adults do. With this pandemic sweeping the world, I think it has made many of us stop for a second and hopefully take care of ourselves, but now with the school year back in swing and being back on a college campus there are many things we need to remind ourselves, especially in keeping healthy relationships.

From the fear of contracting Covid-19, to the isolation it has brought upon us, it is not uncommon that we may be feeling completely overwhelmed. It’s also not uncommon for these emotions to play into our relationships. Here is a guide to help you navigate through these feelings, while still maintaining healthy meaningful relationships.?

You have to let yourself be vulnerable. Open up about the emotions you’re experiencing and be honest about them. Let your friends, partners, or family know that you are struggling right now and could use some extra support or patience. That is much easier said than done, trust me I know.

If you aren’t comfortable opening up to a close friend or family member, contact a coach or counseling service. While having a virtual mental health coaching or counseling session is a different experience, it is still an objective source that can help you work through your emotions and why you may be feeling the way you are. You don’t have to go through this alone, and there are resources to help you.

During these confusing and changing times, we may not fully understand how we are feeling. These emotions can often interfere with our relationships because they impact how we relate to others.?It is easy to try and push away or cover up these feelings, but this can negatively impact your mindset and may make things worse long term. It takes courage to open up about what you are dealing with, but most often you will find it is a relief to share and acknowledge your feelings. I know it is scary and challenging but please reach out and support each other during this unprecedented time. 


Wellness Coaching: https://swc.osu.edu/services/wellness-coaching/
Buckeye Peer Access Line: https://swc.osu.edu/services/buckeye-peer-access-line/
Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service: https://ccs.osu.edu/ 

Sarah Frederick

Wellness Ambassador
Student Wellness Center
Office of Student Life