Educational Modules

September 12, 2022

Your education includes learning both inside and outside the classroom through your life as a Buckeye. Ohio State offers a variety of educational opportunities, some required, some highly recommended, to help you live your best and most healthy life.

In the coming weeks and months, some very important training modules may be added either to your BuckeyeLearn transcript or your BuckeyeLink checklist, depending on your student status. See an overview below and use the contact emails for more information. And if you have already taken some of these assigned modules, thank you!

  • U Got This! is sexual misconduct prevention education required of all students each academic year. This prevention education addresses sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence, and stalking, provides tools to challenge and report harmful behavior, and information on how to support someone who has experienced sexual misconduct.

    All students are required to complete a version of U Got This! annually. All incoming students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) and returning undergraduate students will complete U Got This! All returning graduate and professional students will complete U Got This 2! Stay tuned, OIE will release a new training to supplement U Got This!, that covers harassment and discrimination based on other protected classes.

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  • Buck-I-CARE About Consent is assigned to the BuckeyeLink checklist for all incoming first-year and transfer students. This is a separate training from U Got This!, which is required of all Ohio State students on an annual basis. U Got This! addresses sexual misconduct, including sexual assault or harassment, relationship violence and stalking, and provides tools to identify, disrupt and report sex- and gender-based misconduct, and outlines available support resources. Buck-I-CARE and U Got This! work in tandem to ensure Ohio State students understand sexual misconduct and consent and that they have the tools necessary to prevent sexual misconduct or find support and resources if necessary.

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  • Collin’s Law is Ohio’s Anti-Hazing Act, which requires all students to complete anti-hazing education prior to participation in any organization recognized by or operating under the sanction of Ohio State; including athletic teams, sports clubs, student organizations and other student groups.  This 25-minute module, offered in BuckeyeLearn and assigned to your BuckeyeLink checklist, educates members of the university community on how to recognize and report hazing and intervene when hazing is occurring.  In addition, the training module outlines criminal penalties for hazing, requirements to report hazing to law enforcement and campus resources that support anti-hazing efforts. 

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  • Stay Safe, Buckeyes is an online safety training to help students enhance their own safety on and off-campus. The one-hour, video-based curriculum is available in BuckeyeLearn and covers topics such as crime prevention, crime reporting, responding to people on the street who aggressively ask for money, mental health and more. Brought to you by the Task Force on Community Safety and Well-Being, learn how to enhance your own safety from the comfort of your couch. This training will appear on your BuckeyeLink checklist.

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In a few weeks, some students will see a curriculum in their BuckeyeLearn transcript that covers alcohol, tobacco and other drug misuse prevention, mental wellness and prescription drug misuse. First-year and transfer students must complete this curriculum to register for classes next fall semester. See below for an overview of the various modules:

  • AlcoholEDU is a 90-minute module that provides education about the physical and psychological effects of alcohol and other drugs, bystander intervention training, recognizing an overdose, consent, goal planning and stress management. The training consists of two parts. The second part is issued 45 days following completion of the first part.
  • Prescription Drug Safety is a 30-minute online education module that provides information about understanding prescriptions, recognizing an overdose, stress management, practicing refusal strategies and supporting a friend. 
  • Mental Well-Being for Students is a 45-minute module that provides students with essential skills and information to navigate the stressors and emotional challenges associated with college life. Students will learn ways to practice self-care, recognize when they or their peers are in distress, and take action to find additional support.

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Your health and safety are our top priorities, and these online modules will help provide you with the knowledge and understanding to protect yourself and your fellow Buckeyes.