Tyler Howell

  • Title: SEEDs Cohort Member

Campus: Columbus

College: College of Arts and Sciences

Major/Program: Molecular Genetics

Rank: First-year undergraduate

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

I am a non-traditional student majoring in Molecular Genetics. My passions lie in medical sciences solutions for addiction and legal/prison/felon reform. I want to give back in ways I am able because I have had help throughout my collegiate journey. You have to give to get so it is important to me to contribute positively to a world I struggled for so long to find footing in. I am originally from Utah, but Ohio is my new home. Ohio "Find it here".  That really means something to me. I found sobriety, myself, God, and my life purpose since coming to Ohio to attend The Ohio State University. It is a blessing for someone with my background to be here. I see the value of diversity and I see potential in others.