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Keith B. Key

Keith B. Key CEO, KBK Enterprises, Omni Management Group

As CEO of Keith B. Key Enterprises, and Omni Management Group, Keith brings a host of banking disciplines and entrepreneurial skills to the operations and financial management of both corporations. Keith has been involved with over $1 billion dollars of real estate development inclusive of residential, commercial and religious-oriented projects.

A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Keith received his B.S. in Economics from The Ohio State University and is a former OSU football player. Following graduation, he entered a career in banking with The Huntington National Bank. During his tenure at the bank, Keith became one of the founding fathers of The Huntington’s nationally recognized Community Centered Banking Program. Keith’s banking career provided him with experiences in the areas of Trust, Investments, Commercial Real Estate Lending, Small Business Lending, Mortgage Banking, and more. Later, he embarked upon a career in bank consulting with P.T. & Associates where he managed seven sites, aiding The Huntington National Bank’s affiliates in the implementation of the Community Centered Banking Program and community development projects. Along with managing seven sites, Keith worked directly with over 150 churches and faith-based institutions. After a successful career in banking and bank consulting, Keith, along with partner Adam Troy, founded Omni Management Group (OMG). OMG, in addition to working with banks and private corporations, engaged in real estate development. OMG, in only a few years, became one of America’s largest African American real estate development firms. OMG has completed single and multi-family housing, as well as commercial office projects, primarily in urban communities. In an effort to expand in real estate development and business formation, Keith founded Keith B. Key Enterprises. KBK Enterprises is a multidimensional corporation, strategically positioned to develop real estate in urban America and to form business enterprises to serve businesses and governmental bodies. KBK Enterprises has offices in Columbus, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, and New Orleans, LA. As a further commitment to KBK Enterprises mission of “changing lives by going beyond bricks and sticks,” The KBK Foundation was formed. The KBK Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit which provides community supportive services to residents of properties either owned or managed by KBK. The Foundation’s primary focus includes: quality affordable housing, economic development, social services, entrepreneurship, and Section 3 training.

Keith has also provided community service and leadership to the following organizations: Columbus State Community College Foundation; Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist Church; The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.; Omega Charities; The Ohio State University Alumni Association, The Ohio State University Foundation, and numerous other committees and councils. He recently contributed $1 million to support the Office of Student Life’s Center for Student Leadership and Service. The office has been appropriately renamed The Keith B. Key Center for Student Leadership and Service.

Keith was also the first non-pastor board member of the Housing Commission of the National Baptist Convention. Keith is married to Donica D. Key. They have two daughters, Danielle and Darienne and one son, Keith Brandon.

Eric Troy

Eric Troy, M.A. Program Director, Keith B. Keith Social Entrepreneurship Program

3072 Ohio Union, 1739 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 247-8053

Eric serves as the program director for the Keith B. Key Social Entrepreneurship Program in the Office of Student Life at The Ohio State University. He also manages the faith-based initiative for the Office of the President.

Eric has served in leadership positions for Ohio State’s Office of Outreach and Engagement and the Todd A. Bell Resource Center on the African American Male. Under his direction the center obtained national exposure with a 92% first year retention rate along with establishing an early arrival program and the Gathering of Men Program.

Eric has over three decades of experience in the areas of education, advertising, marketing and sports development in both North America and South Africa. He has worked with the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Board of Regents and Fortune 500 corporations such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Nationwide Insurance and South African based Telkom, S.A. In addition, he has advised professional athletes in the area of brand and image marketing representing MLB, NFL and the NBA. He has been featured on NPR and ESPN Sports Classics.

Eric received his BA in marketing from Morehouse College and holds an MA in Sports Management from Ohio State. He is listed in Who’s Who in U.S. Executives, is president of the Morehouse College Columbus, Ohio Alumni Chapter and serves on various boards and committees. Eric, his wife Gayle and their daughter Raykale reside in Gahanna, Ohio.

Core Students: Why I got involved with BSEP

Kelsie Augustin:

Hometown: Boardman, Ohio
Major: Operations Management
Minor: Fashion and Retail
Expected Graduation: May 2017

I decided to take part in BSEP because it is a great opportunity to help teach other Ohio State students - business majors or otherwise - about the value and opportunities involved in social entrepreneurship. For me, the chance to take part in this program’s founding and establishment was not to be missed. Being a part of such an ambitious, accomplished group of students pushes me and teaches me new things every day. It is my goal to see this grow into one of the best, most-impactful resources at The Ohio State University and to be able to provide other students with the amazing opportunities that I’ve had during my time here.

Lauren Palmar:

Hometown: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Major: Hospitality
Specialty: Non-Profit Management
Expected Graduation: May 2017

I joined BSEP by accident. After one meeting with Mr. Eric Troy, I knew he knew the direction I needed to go in order to make my small idea a 501-c-3 organization. With BSEP, I can count on the individualized attention of those running the Social Entrepreneurship all the while learning meeting by meeting how to keep Operation: BeYoutiful economically thriving. BSE helped me turn my passion for helping young girls with medically related hair loss into an organization that has made a difference in young girls' lives.

Ashley Riegert:

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Major: Business Administration – Operations Management
Expected Graduation: Spring 2017

I joined the Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program because I wanted to learn how to use my knowledge of business to contribute to the causes for which I am most passionate. I want to generate significant social change, which I know is best done through innovation and collaboration. This program brings together Ohio State's most motivated entrepreneurs and provides me with a network of students who are committed to working toward future endeavors.

Travis Casper:

Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio
Major: MS City Urban Planning
Expected Graduation: December 2017

I joined BSEP to provide social and economic value to communities. I want to network with the top entrepreneurs that have a human-centric mission. With data collection today, we are able to make more customized responsible choices for tomorrow. Together we can make a difference.

Jarrod Barnes:

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Major: Ph.D. Candidate Sport Management
Expected Graduation: Fall 2019

I chose to join the Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program because I wanted to be surrounded by great leaders, great thinkers and most importantly, great people! Through this program I hope to not only hone my own communication, leadership and business skills, but also help others gain what they wish accomplish through the program. I am so excited to be part of an environment that will push me to operate outside of my comfort zone, cultivate my personal growth, and look to better this world. For it is better to give than receive

Joshua Jones:

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Major: Linguistics
Minors: Music & Theatre
Expected Graduation: May 2017

The reason I joined the Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program was because I believe in the core element of using my creativity to help my fellow person. In finding a way to merge helping others and growing business. I have often found through working on service projects people are always willing to help with whatever resources they have, they just need help connecting with those who are in need and this always me to form those connections.

Cain Wu:

Hometown: Jiangsu Province China
Major: Marketing
Minor: Engineering Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Expected Graduation: May 2018

I have always had a passion for business and innovation. I believe that business can bring change to the world. My goal is to be a true global citizen and to solve global issues through business and entrepreneurship. Every one of us is making the world wonderful and now we can make it even better. I see corporations like Apple and Google are making positive impact in the world every day. I also see start-ups that are trying to solve issues like clean water and poverty. Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program is a perfect platform for passionate innovators and entrepreneurs. I am able to access useful resources and to learn from successful entrepreneurs. I would love to show people that business can make an impact and change the world. I can’t wait to learn more about social entrepreneurship and meet more people.

Harrison Wethers:

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Operations Management
Expected Graduation: May 2019

I joined the Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program because of its potential to affect change on several levels on an issue that I’m passionate about. Being able to change people’s lives doing something I love would be my ultimate goal, and that is everything this program preaches. My goal for the club is that by the time I have left Ohio State, people from BSEP become a network and a family that helps each other in all of their endeavors; whether that be with the club, or each individual’s business.

Yusef Saeed:

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Major: Neuroscience
Expected Graduation: May 2018

I joined the Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program primarily because I think our society needs to generate a culture that is more in tune with the struggles and needs of the people. Even the mindset of a social entrepreneurship – the idea of giving back to the community—is extremely powerful. Every nonprofit needs some skills in social entrepreneurship to diversify their revenue stream. One of my goals for this program is to learn how to generate alternative revenues of income and sustainable fundraising models for non-profits that benefit at-risk communities.

Erin Lee:

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Major: Sociology
Minors: Public Health & Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies
Expected Graduation: May 2017

Social entrepreneurship was introduced to me in Cape Town, South Africa, when I served a women’s organization in the township of Phillipi named Sakhulwazi. From this moment forward, I have been interested in social entrepreneurship and how you truly can turn your passion into profit. I joined this program to gain more knowledge from some of the world’s greatest social entrepreneurs in hopes of using these learned skills in my future career.

Chelsea Burrell:

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Major: Public Health
Expected Graduation: May 2017

As a Public Health major and with a passion for change, I believe that the Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program will give me the tools and prepare me to solve the pressing health challenges of the 21st Century. My goal for BSEP is to create a community of Buckeye entrepreneurs from all majors and backgrounds and provide them with the support and resources to impact our world.

Jahnavi Murali:

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Business and Music
Expected Graduation: May 2019

I became involved in the Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program because I want to be a part of changing the world. In the profit-driven world we live in, social entrepreneurship represents the perfect balance of passion and profit to make a difference, and I truly believe that the movement starts here, right on the college campus. There are countless young, innovative and impressionable minds that can change the world if given the right resources, and I want to be a part of creating that movement. One of my primary goals for the organization is to foster a culture of social entrepreneurship on campus, and bring students together in order to make a difference. I also want to make sure that students with ideas have the tools to make their dreams a reality. As an individual, I want to gain the tools to be able to realize my own dreams while I develop my leadership skills.

Somto Njoku:

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio
Major: Business Administration
Specialization: Marketing, Entrepreneurship
Expected Graduation: May 2017

I decided to participate in the Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program because it was created for students like me who are looking to broaden and diversify their education outside the classroom learning experiences. BSEP teaches students from all backgrounds how to turn their passion into profit, and better prepares them to affect change in their communities. One goal I have for this program is to better understand how to function as a part of and lead multi-disciplinary groups.

Starr Prater:

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Major: International Studies
Expected Graduation: May 2017

I felt as though joining the Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program was essential for me to be able to find the guidance I need to be able to start a business of my own that will truly reflect my desire to create something both trustworthy and beneficial to the people with whom we share this beautiful planet. My goal is to know what concrete steps I need to take in order to see to the actualization of this dream of mine.

Jessica Witkin:

Hometown: Lewis Center, Ohio
Major: Nursing & Psychology
Expected Graduation: May 2019

I joined the Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program because I feel that changing the world through entrepreneurship should not be limited to business students. As a nursing major, I have seen the impact that certain organizations can have on populations such as the homeless, drug affected children, and so many more. I want to learn how to be a part of change in the world in an area that I am passionate about. My goal for the BSEP is to allow it to reach all corners of campus, as to ensure students of all majors and disciplines are aware that social entrepreneurship can make a difference in the area they are passionate about. I want them to have the tools necessary to make their dreams a reality.

Dorianeh Stanford:

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Major: Business Administration
Specialization: International Business
Expected Graduation: May 2018

As a business student and a kid who grew up in the nonprofit world, I was blown away when introduced to the space of social enterprise/entrepreneurship- it presented a balance between business and community empowerment I hadn’t seen before. I see social entrepreneurship as an opportunity to create a business model that empowers and gives in a way that is sustainable. When I learned about Buckeye Social Entrepreneurs, without question, I knew I had to be part of it. There are so many young people, who, once given the proper resources will be the ones to foster change. I want to be part of creating that learning space. My goal is to help create a community of students who want to positively influence the world and help connect them with resources to make things happen.