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BSEP Workshops provide the foundation and framework for students to gain an understanding of social entrepreneurship and developing a social enterprise. Seasoned entrepreneurs and faculty facilitate workshops on understanding social entrepreneurship and the development, implementation and sustainability of a successfully venture.

The presenters approach, tone and style is collegial, engaging and rigorous. There are approximately eleven workshops that will be provided.

Innovation Pitch Competition

Some BSEP students will have an opportunity to pitch their business ideas to faculty, staff, entrepreneurs and community stakeholders to compete for access to capital.

An example is the BSEP March Pitch Innovation Program. This program will invite students to develop or enhance an existing product and participate in a competition.


The Keith B. Key Social Entrepreneurship curriculum consists of a series of workshops and various events each semester. Participants engage in topics such as Social Entrepreneurship Foundations, Entrepreneurial Finance, Startup Bootcamp, How to Turn your Passion into Profit, Understanding various Business Models, Developing Communication and Presentation Skills and the Innovation Pitch Competition.

All educational content will be provided in workshops designed to create learning environments based on “real-world” experiences that students need to become social entrepreneurs.

Workshop sessions take place evenings and on Saturday mornings on the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University. Workshop presenters consist of faculty, entrepreneurs and community stakeholders. In addition, guest social entrepreneurs provide their insight on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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The BSEP curriculum seeks to educate, equip and empower student social entrepreneurial leaders who will transform knowledge into action and create communities in which innovation, creativity, and cooperative partnerships abound.

Students have an opportunity to choose from three BSEP Workshop Tracks: Each educational track is designed to help students develop their leadership and social entrepreneurship skills.

Track 1 StartUp: This track will expose students to faculty, social entrepreneurs and community stakeholders that will assist the student in gaining an understanding of what social entrepreneurship is and how to start businesses engaged in social entrepreneurship.

Track 2 Pitching: This track is for students that need assistance in creating and implementing their business plan and preparing their pitch presentation content.

Track 3 Investor: This track will give students the resources and tools on how to tell an exciting story about the business and provide insight into their financials and potential growth margins to potential investors. Students will learn how to sell their vision.