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The purpose of this page is to provide you with some basic policies around bias at the student, staff and faculty levels. This page also lists records of bias reports received as a part of our commitment to remain transparent, about the state and wellbeing of our campus climate and community.

The information featured in the BART reports on this page contains information derived solely from cases submitted to the online BART system and does not include information or reports submitted to other university agencies or departments. A case is defined as an incident or occurrence of bias that happened at a given location or time and to a particular person or group of people. A report is a written documentation of a case. As such, a single case may have multiple reports. Additionally, there may be a discrepancy between the number of reports shown in the BART data and the number of cases or incidents.

Reports of bias can be reported from any of Ohio State’s campuses as well as from their surrounding communities. As such, it is a reporting system open to all Ohio State faculty, staff, and students and in some instances community members around the university.

If an incident is identified as potentially being a Title IX, Human Resources, Counseling and Consultation, Student Conduct, Clery Act or Public Safety Concern, these reports are then referred over to these offices for follow-up action and reporting purposes. As such, while BART reports do not contain data from other sources, other sources may contain BART data.

All persons who report receive some type of follow up either from the BART Team or from an office to which a report is referred. However, in some instances when a report is filed anonymously, we are unable to follow up directly with that person, though the information from that report is retained and reported in the BART reports listed on this page.

Lastly, in reviewing the numbers and statistics within these reports, it is important to note that these reports are provided as a snapshot of institutional climate. We use these reports to help create responsive programming to trends of bias as well as to inform university policy decisions on equity, diversity and inclusion. In the past five years, there has been a strategic push by university administration to advertise the BART program in the hopes of increasing reporting so that Ohio State has better information on institutional climate. Further, reporting using BART is part of University Housing’s staff training and reporting practices.

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