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History of the Bias Assessment and Response Team (BART) »

During winter quarter 2006, Student Life Vice President Rich Hollingsworth and Vice Provost for Minority Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer Mac Stewart, initiated discussions on how to effectively respond to two bias incidents: the Drackett Tower letters (Columbus) and Oprah Winfrey Facebook postings (ATI Wooster). The President's Cabinet confirmed the need for a response team in fall 2006.

A year later, Vice President Hollingsworth and Vice Provost Stewart charged a team of eight, diverse staff and faculty members (initially called the "Diversity Consultation Team") to create a process for coordinating university responses to hate and bias-related incidents that impacted the university community.

Eventually, the eight core members evolved into and became the Bias Assessment and Response Team (BART). Below is the charge that was given to the team:

BART Team’s Charge (approved by President's Cabinet)

  1. Develop, implement, and continuously improve a voluntary mechanism(s) for members of the university community to report hate-based incidents.
  2. Identify and make referrals to established mechanisms for addressing acts of harassment, discrimination, and violence as appropriate.
  3. Coordinate communication about reported incidents and the resolution/response with individuals, groups, offices, or other stakeholders on and off campus who are impacted by the incident.
  4. Monitor and, when necessary, follow up on departmental responses to hate-based incidents.
  5. Document and monitor patterns of incidents and inform appropriate academic and academic support leaders so that policies, practices, and programs may be reviewed and modified to improve response to and reduce or eliminate hate-based behaviors.
  6. Make recommendations to senior university leadership on the nature and timing of the larger institutional response to hate-based incidents.
  7. To the extent required by law, respect the privacy and maintain the confidentiality of individuals involved in discrimination, harassment or violence.

About Us

BART is primarily managed and maintained by the Office of Student Life, and reports through Dr. Javaune Adams-Gaston, Senior Vice President for Student Life.

For questions about BART members, or reporting and convening processes, please email Dr. Todd Suddeth, Senior Executive Director of the Student Life Multicultural Center, at

Who are the BART First Responders?

The following individuals are First Responders on the BART Team. They are the first line of review for all cases. Based on the nature of the situation, this team may refer cases on to other departments or convene a team of Secondary Responders. This primary team is also responsible for generating all BART reports.

Name Department
Julius Mayo Residence Life
Bowen Marshall Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Life
Todd Suddeth (convener) Multicultural Center
Hannah Simonetti Multicultural Center
Jennifer Irwin Student Advocacy
Kelly Smith Student Conduct

Who are the BART Secondary Responders?

The following individuals serve in a secondary capacity; and, assess particular incidents and situations based on their expertise with specific types of bias response and professional employment within the campus community.

Name Department
Kellie Brennan Office of University Compliance and Integrity
Dilnavaz Cama Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services
Tayo Clyburn, PhD Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Lois Harris Disability Services
Donna Hight, PhD OSU Mansfield
Shawn Jackson OSU Marion
Kathy Lechman Agricultural Education and Extension
Scott Lissner ADA Office
Holly Mason OSU Newark
Megan McCarthy Office of International Affairs
Shane McCrory OSU Lima
Ruth Montz OSU ATI/Wooster
Micky Sharma, PhD Counseling Consultation Service
Kellie Uhrig Strategic Communications and Relationships

Who are BART Ex-Officio Responders?

These members serve as needed, and consult and/or lead in responding to a bias incident by virtue of their institutional roles.

Name Department
Andrea Gintert Student Life Human Resources
Kristi Hoge Office of Human Resources
Lindsay Komlanc University Communications
Anne Schira Office of Legal Affairs
Craig Stone OSU Police Department

Who are Supplemental BART Team Members?

Individuals with special knowledge or expertise, related to or involvement in a bias incident under review, will be invited to join the team on a case-by-case basis. These are not named on this website as their affiliation with the work group, is in most circumstances, temporary.