Today's Update: Monday, April 26

April 26, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Even if that step is just going downstairs in the Ohio Union for lunch.  

It’s especially Scarlet and Great when that step is toward our new normal. 

That’s why it’s so exciting that Student Life Dining Services has been able to bring back the salad and hot bars at Union Marketplace and Traditions at Scott.  

Safety is still the number one concern, and the detailed plan has been accepted by Columbus Public Health (CPH) following a complete review and walkthrough of the operation. They were even back onsite to monitor the process as a study of best practices.  

The safety protocols include designated entrance and exit paths and will be monitored to maintain proper distancing. There is also an attendant at the beginning of the service area to provide hand sanitizer, gloves and food boxes to guests. 

The return of the salad and hot bars are important for several reasons. From a nutrition standpoint, it’s good to have even more fresh ingredients available.  

It’s also a good test run for the fall when campus will be reactivated. It gives us a chance to assess the safety measures that are in place, and to see the level of interest and demand from diners. That information will be important in planning for autumn semester. In addition, it gives everyone a “taste” of what may be coming in the fall and builds some culinary excitement. 

The most important reason that re-opening the hot and salad bars is a welcome step is they are the two things that patrons said they missed the most. Food is more than just sustenance; the dining experience is a valuable tool to initiate and sustain student engagement, which leads to retention and student success. This return is a ray of hope that our new normal will include some of our favorite things.  

And that is an excellent serving of Scarlet and Greatness.