Program Review

Program Review is an important piece of the Student Life Strategic Plan. The process uses organizational performance indicators that allows the Office of Student Life to:

  • Examine current programming, services, directions, organizational efficiency and resource capabilities;
  • Validate strengths;
  • Identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Achieve high-performance results.

Program Review also serves as a valuable mechanism for communication within departments, with the Office of the Senior Vice President, with central administration and the Board of Trustees. 


In 2003, all departments at The Ohio State University were asked to undergo Program Reviews on an ongoing basis. The Office of Student Life used the opportunity to develop a model that fits its unique needs and timeframes.

In particular, the Student Life Program Review process:

  • Conducts reviews at the individual departmental level;
  • Incorporates the Baldridge Education Criteria for Performance Excellence and the Council on the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education review criteria;
  • Provides a timely review cycle through self-coordination and funding.

Since piloting its Review Guidelines in 2004, Student Life has used departmental feedback to continually refine its Program Review process.

For additional information, please contact:

D'Arcy Oaks
Senior Associate Director for Program Review and Strategic Planning