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Safety Information

Buckeye Alert System

The Ohio State University has created a text message alert system for the public to stay informed of potential emergencies. To sign up, visit the Buckeye Alert System web site.

Annual Crime Report

The required Annual Security Report is available at the University Public Safety site. Annual crime statistics may also be located at that site.

Theft Prevention

The most frequent of campus crimes is theft. Student Life Risk and Emergency Management has a program to mark your valuables with invisible ink. The UV/ID project is supported by various offices with materials available upon request from residence hall RAs, Off-Campus Student Services, Community Crime Patrol at 248 E. 11th Ave., and University Security and Protective Services and Fire Prevention as well as Dispatch with the University Police Division in Blankenship Hall, 901 Woody Hayes Drive. Marking your property will help to establish ownership as well as promote recovery if an item is lost or stolen.

Bug Your Bike

Bicycle theft can be a problem for students. Use the latest technology to "Bug Your Bike" with a free RFID (radio frequency identification device) as part of Student Life Risk and Emergency management efforts to prevent theft. "Bugs" are available at University Public Safety in Blankenship Hall, 901 Woody Hayes Drive (next to the ARC).

Ohio Bicycle Law and Information

Fire Kills!

Candles, smoking and overloaded outlets have no place in a residence hall room or off campus apartment. Don't try and fight a fire; sound the alarm and exit the building.

Fire Safety Information

Safety Tips

  • Lock your door, even if just going down the hall.
  • Do not leave messages on your door about when you will return.
  • Keep ground level windows closed or use a safety lock.
  • Do not leave tempting valuables visible inside your parked car.
  • Record serial numbers and description of valuable property.
  • Do not put your address on key ring.
  • Avoid walking alone at night.
  • Always lock your car.
  • Use well lighted pathways at night.
  • Use the campus escort service, (614)292-3322

ID Theft

  • Protect your BuckID - it is your residence hall key, your "check book," your identity! Don't lose it or loan it.
  • Keep anything with your personal information on it stored somewhere safe and out of sight.
  • Shred mail before you throw it away.
  • Review your credit card and bank statements each month with care.
  • When you receive a new credit or debit card, cut up the old one.
  • File or shred credit card receipts with your card number on them.
  • Take only the ID you need when going out.
  • Report lost or stolen credit cards immediately.
  • Use computer passwords that aren't easy to guess. Mix numbers and letters.
  • If you are a victim of ID theft: 1. Call police, credit card companies and financial institutions, (3) close any account that has been tampered with.